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Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. - Career Agency

Public Insurance 5,000 - 10,000 Employees 1 Active Jobs


At Transamerica Agency Network – Career Agency we provide more than insurance policies and retirement strategies. We make Tomorrows people can count on—Tomorrows they’ve planned for.

Whether it’s family or business protection, steady incomes or fulfilling retirements—we have the training, tools, and resources to help build a better financial future for our growing customer base.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes term life insurance, universal life insurance, whole life insurance and retirement strategies. Security products are available through Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc.



Being a career agent or manager with Transamerica Agency Network means a Tomorrow worth more—a Tomorrow where there’s a potential for unlimited income and job satisfaction. Plus, Transamerica Agency Network agents and managers receive many awards for hitting sales milestones, including trips that literally take you around the world.

  • Competitive base salary compensation plus commissions
  • Monthly / annual bonus programs
  • Guaranteed level introductory pay
  • Comprehensive benefits - medical, vision, dental, paid time off
  • Company Matched 401K and Pension Plan
  • Established client base
  • Professional training and development programs
  • Personalized one-on-one training for the first 8 weeks
  • Significant opportunities for growth and advancement through our Leadership Succession Program
  • Technology based sales presentations and productivity tools
  • Once in-a-lifetime trips
  • Points based reward program
  • Lead generating programs
  • Tools to help identify relationships and markets
  • In-depth sales support and product training
  • Direct access to the marketing team

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Financial Strength


Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. represents Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Monumental Life Insurance Company—two of the most recognized names in the insurance industry. Both insurance companies have built their reputation on solid management, sound decisions and consumer confidence. As of December 31, 2010 Transamerica Life Insurance Company has $1,219 billion of insurance in force and Monumental Life Insurance Company has $88 billion of insurance in force.

Transamerica Life Insurance Company and Monumental Life Insurance Company Financial Strength Ratings* | As of March 23, 2012

A.M. Best A+ Superior
Fitch AA- Very Strong
Moody’s A1 Good
Standard & Poor’s AA- Very Strong

* Ratings from the A.M. Best Company, Moody's Investors Service, Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor's reflect the current opinion of the relative financial strength and operating performance of the company. Copies of rating reports are available at A.M. Best's A+ rating is the second highest of 16 ratings, Standard & Poor's AA- rating is the fourth highest of 21 ratings, Moody's A1 rating is the fifth highest of 21 ratings and Fitch's AA- rating is the fourth highest of 19 ratings.

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Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. is a licensed insurance agency formerly known as Life Investors Financial Group, Inc. Transamerica Agency Network was formed in 2011 by combining the career agent operations of Monumental Life Insurance Company with the independent agents of Life Investors Financial Group. Transamerica Agency Network, Inc. is in the process of updating its name with appropriate state agencies. LD43255-03/12.
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