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Trans World Entertainment

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Trans World Entertainment Corporation is one of the largest specialty music and video retailers in the United States. Founded in 1972, the Company currently operates over 800 stores in 47 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and operates a retail Web site at Its stores are divided into two categories: mall-based and freestanding. Trans World's national mall-based portfolio is now united under the brand name FYE, for your entertainment; the portfolio also includes select Saturday Matinee movie stores. Freestanding stores include Wherehouse Music, Coconuts Music & Movies, Strawberries, Spec's, CD World, Streetside Records and Planet Music.

The Company offers a wide selection of entertainment products, including CDs, DVDs, prerecorded audio and videocassettes and related accessories. The Company's headquarters, along with its main distribution center, is in Albany, NY with additional distribution facilities in North Canton, OH and Carson, CA.

Trans World Entertainment, which established itself as a public company in 1986, is traded on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol "TWMC."


Bucks & Benefits Show Me The Money... Trans World has emerged as the strongest specialty music retailer in the country. It's no surprise - our people are the secret to our success, and our compensation philosophy proves it! Trans World Entertainment's compensation package is a reflection of our proactive initiatives and strategic programs, not to mention our competitive nature. It is both incentive driven and industry competitive, offering our associates an unbeatable opportunity for compensation potential. We understand that our associates' individual and team accomplishments are directly related to our company's overall performance. Our individual compensation packages may include base salary, merit pay, bonus potential, even stock opportunities. Many of our positions offer associates the opportunity to achieve significant bonus potential - the most competitive bonus program in the industry! Here's to your health... Who knows better than our own associates how a comprehensive benefit package can make all the difference in work and family life? Trans World offers a competitive health and dental package, with added convenience for everyone in our 44 states of operation. Additional supplemental benefits include life insurance, dependent life insurance, personal accident insurance, and long-term disability. Wrap it up... Trans World's "add-on's" include a generous merchandise discount for all of our associates, the opportunity to participate in the NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandiser) scholarship program, and flexible work hours. You can bank on it... At Trans World, we recognize that the future is as important as the present. Our 401(k) Plan enables our associates to start saving for and shaping their futures, while continuing to thrive in the present. How would you like to defer a significant percentage of your pretax salary? (In addition, Trans World will match your contribution rate up to a certain percentage.) Our associates also enjoy diversified investment options, loan provisions for short-term needs, even hardship withdrawals when necessary.


Meet the new entertainment consumers.
Passionate: about the music and movies they love
Curious: hungry for information, eager to explore
Mobile: will consume and enjoy entertainment where, when and how they want to
Busy: active and time-compressed - seeking convenience and flexibility

The New Consumers
Trans World's new vision of entertainment retail is focused on one critical goal – inspiring, satisfying and connecting with the new entertainment consumers. These are the qualities that define them (and the new FYE):
Trans World has a unique understanding of these consumers – gained in a recent comprehensive research study, honed over 29 years in business, exemplified in the new FYE retail concept. Across every aspect of our brand launch, we are tailoring our world to theirs. Our stores are already conveniently located where they live and work and shop. United as FYE, we are offering them a highly integrated retail entertainment experience, as no one else can.


Future Ready
Our new unified, cross-channel brand will spur tremendous growth – beginning with each customer. With greater loyalty will come greater share of wallet, and long-term, sustainable success. In addition, just as new entertainment media have always grown the industry as a whole, analysts see strong opportunities in the digital world. FYE will ensure that Trans World is leading this growth.
We're ready – to tap everything we know, to leverage everything we are, to redefine the retail entertainment industry to continue leading the way.

FYE is just the beginning.


A New Relationship We are creating a new customer-retailer relationship – with mutual, long-term benefits. As one brand interface, our customers will know us better. Through customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives, enhanced by our high-tech infrastructure, we will in turn tailor their experience. FYE will be a valued asset to our customers. In exchange for their loyalty, we will offer customization – in-store and online tools to tailor one's entertainment experience. We will deliver exclusive access to news and products. Be it a kiosk, Web site or face-to-face encounter with an informed employee, every contact point will position us as a trusted customer resource and definitive authority on music and movies. We will be their primary connection to the very things they love.


Mall Stores/Web

Our Stores
Trans World's roster of more than 900 entertainment retail units includes some of the industry's best-known, top-performing stores in strategic locations across the nation.

Freestanding Stores

FYE is a customer-centric, cross-channel retail infrastructure comprised of an industry-leading Web site at and more than 750 mall-based stores (ranging from 5,000 square feet to the "superstore" format averaging 25,000 square feet). Utilizing advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) techniques and a broadband communication infrastructure, the FYE concept has been rolled out nationwide – promising a more customized, interactive and inspiring experience for the entertainment consumers of the 21st century.

Coconuts Music & Movies
These stores offer competitively-priced music and video products. They are based in freestanding locations, typically in high-traffic shopping centers. Each store averages 5,000 square feet, but there are six Coconuts "superstores" with over 14,000 feet of selling space.

Wherehouse Music
This mostly west coast freestanding chain has all the latest music & movie releases plus a wide selection of used titles.

This chain of freestanding stores offers a range of specialty music products. Each store averages 3,000 square feet of selling space.

This freestanding chain appeals to the serious entertainment customer, with a wide selection of music, videos, games and accessories.

Planet Music
A massive freestanding store, with over 31,000 square feet of selling space. It caters to the music enthusiast, with a tremendous selection of pre-recorded CDs and audiocassettes.

Saturday Matinee
A network of stores dedicated to providing a wide range of movies, DVDs and games.