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Toyoda Gosei North America Corporation

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A heritage of innovation, a legacy of leadership

Founded in 1949, Toyoda Gosei is a customer-driven, global company that researches, develops and manufactures products of exceptional quality for a variety of industries, from automotive to agriculture to telecommunications.

We take pride in our:

  • Historical foundation in the Toyota Production System.
  • Global leadership that establishes best practices for quality standards.
  • Cost-effective products, delivered right the first time.
  • Culture of continuous improvement that establishes manufacturing benchmarks.


At Toyoda Gosei, we believe that our competitive advantage comes from our people. With this in mind, we continuously work to develop a number of key competencies in our employees which create value for our customers.

Our Vision

Over the last 55 years of continuous operations, Toyoda Gosei has fostered a heritage of innovation in manufacturing, material development, and product quality and design. We were born in the culture of the Toyota Production System and believe continuous improvement is fundamental to our continued success. At Toyoda Gosei, the future is bright. We continue to develop a strong global network that allows us to focus on the needs of our customers while enhancing the benefits to our stakeholders, the communities in which they live.

We understand the driving need to reduce costs to meet the demands of the marketplace. Our goal is to avoid costs first by ensuring quality in the initial process and eliminating quality problems at each subsequent process. We build quality into the design and anticipate the final customer expectation through continuing research and development. Our vision of providing integrated systems allow us to eliminate cost using our manufacturing knowledge and expertise in multiple components and subsystems. By developing modules, we can transform our exciting new ideas in a way that not only serves our customers and their customers, but also provides easier and more cost effective automobile assembly.

We will not rest in our pursuit of continuous improvement to provide the world’s best quality, value and design in our products and continue the legacy of leadership that marks the unique character of Toyoda Gosei.