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Total Presence Management

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Total Presence Management is steeped in tradition dating back to the mid 90’s. All lessons learned over the years are relative to our operation today; the most obvious being our attention to quality.

Our quality initiative comes from observations of a family owned bakery dating back to the late 1800’s. Total Presence Management started with this bakery as its sole client and operational focus; this gave us time to watch quality in action and eventually consume the market place as the industry standard. We learned that it is not only the ingredients you use but how you mix, proof and bake that determines the quality of the product. The quality product that made its way on to store shelves, restaurants and dinner tables was the pride and determination of many and uncompromising attitude of all.

Today as we embark on our journey forward we reflect on those principles of quality and apply them to our operation, using them as the basis of our growth strategy. Just as the ingredients factor only a percentage of the end product; employees account for only a percentage of service provided. Ultimately the employee must be screened, drug-tested, orientated and placed with a client that gives both employee and client best opportunity for success long term.

Career Opportunities

Total Presence Management has been employing people just like you for 20 years. We offer full benefits to full time staff, as well as online time sheet submittal for your convenience.

TPM associates are our most valuable and protected asset; we invest tremendous upfront costs to our candidate selection and value the unique capacity of all applicants

Our Mission

It is our goal to provide a customized service which allows us to constantly analyze our operation to meet the changing needs of our customers and to never compromise the partnerships we build; having complete understanding they are the future of our success.