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Tier 1 Consulting

Private Consulting Sales - Marketing < 100 Employees Headquartered in Lakewood, CO 12 Active Jobs

Tier 1 Consulting is a flourishing marketing and sales consulting firm in the "Mile-High City," - Denver, Colorado. We offer our services to some of the best names in the retail business providing exceptional results and impeccable customer service. With our esteemed clientele, we believe it is essential to take pride in our work and the brands we represent. Our specialty in relationship-based marketing & sales approach pairing with our high levels of integrity and work ethic means we are able to provide our clients with longer lasting customers and an increase in name-brand recognition. Clients looking for professional representation and expertise in the marketing & sales field, only pick the top of the tier - Tier 1 Consulting.

We are a firm known and respected because of our Management Training Program. Our program allows all entry level candidates the tools to succeed! Each candidate is provided with sufficient training within the marketing and sales fields. Within a short time period of 12-18 months, candidates with excellent work ethic will have the opportunity to manage and oversee a business outside of Denver! The Tier 1 Consulting team members are determined and ready for any challenge! We are a team aimed with "infinite results" and dedicated to help our team perform at their best tier!

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We started the year off right with a business conference in the Peach State! The Tier 1 Consulting team had a great time catching up with colleagues, listening in to inspiring speeches from our industry's top leaders, and enjoy the beautiful city of Atlanta! Take a look at our adventures here.


What's the company culture like at Tier 1 Consulting?

Team Oriented - First and foremost, we are a company dedicated to our hard working team members. We aim to provide a work environment where team unity is essential and growth is guaranteed. With our ideal mix of experiences, skills and talents, we are proud to say we have the top tier team here at Tier 1 Consulting!

Top Tier Attitude - We believe our success comes from our team's positive attitude and their drive to succeed! After all, a top tier attitude and exceptional work ethic are the keys to excel. With the ample career opportunities available and a room full of individuals rooting for you to reach your goals, why wouldn't you have a great attitude?!

Goal Minded
- Our team members are determined and driven to reach every goal they set! Headquartered in the mile-high city comes with mile-high goals and results! After all, our name itself proves we seek to reach our goals and be top tier!

Results Driven - With our united team, our positive mindset and our goal oriented atmosphere, results are practically guaranteed! Did we mention our team is the perfect blend of former athletes and scholars? Competitive drive comes naturally! We could not be more proud of the high level results we provide thanks to our winning team.

Empowering Entrepreneurship - Here at Tier 1 Consulting, we are honored to provide our team members with ongoing growth opportunities. We aspire to be a firm dedicated to guide our team to reach nothing short of excellence. For this reason, our company culture is designed to let creative minds develop and their inner entrepreneurship flourish!


Interested in joining the Tier 1 Consulting team?

A career at Tier 1 Consulting is infinite! Tier 1 Consulting aims to provide continuous development and training for each team member with our renowned and esteemed Management Training Program. We understand and empower personal drive and believe ongoing training is vital to professional growth and leadership development. Our team has proven the benefits of ample training opportunities and deliver the excellent results we are known for. Tier 1 Consulting is looking to expand into 2 additional U.S. markets by 2018. In order to meet this goal, we are hiring determined entry-level team members in the Denver area with the opportunity to advance into a management position based solely on performance and incredible work ethic.

Our entry level professionals will benefit from our Management Training Program in all areas of business management, sales, marketing and team leadership. Tier 1 Consulting aims to prepare exceptional candidates, in only 12-18 months, to manage the operations of an independent business office,  overseeing a team of 10+ individuals and develop a marketing campaign for our well known clientele outside of Denver! A career with Tier 1 Consulting is meant to be challenging, rewarding and continuously growing! We are a firm dedicated to provide "infinite results" with the best individuals Denver has to offer! Visit our career section on our website for more on the top tier business - the Tier 1 Consulting team!

Career Opportunities Available:

- Sales Account Representative
- Management Trainee
- Entry Level Sales
- Entry Level Recruiter
- Marketing/Sales
- Human Resources Manager

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7112 W Jefferson Ave, Suite #306
Lakewood, CO 80235

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