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Thomas Byrne Associates

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Thomas Byrne Associates is committed to providing outstanding service to our customers, both employers and candidates. We partner with our highly qualified candidates, helping to prioritize their career objectives and accomplish their goals. As a result of our professionalism, our customers have come to expect the best from our firm – and we deliver. Our consistent attention to detail, history of delivering, and honest representations have earned us the highest respect in our market. We are focused and tenacious, working only in accounting and finance. This concentration adds tremendous value to our representation of candidates because we are closely connected with potential employers, maintain an in-depth understanding of the marketplace and have great influence over the interview and selection process.

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Thomas Byrne President of Thomas Byrne Associates, a Hartford, Connecticut based recruitment firm specializing in the placement of accounting and financial professionals
December 15, 2002, The Hartford Courant

Q: What initially attracted you to your career?
A: My family had a temporary employment business. In the 1980s, many of their clients told me about the lack of quality help companies were receiving when looking for top accounting and finance professionals. Because of my educational background in finance, and my consultative style, I was very interested in filling this niche in the market.

Q: What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
A: I get a great feeling being the person who brings positive change to high-potential people and prime companies. Hearing back from an accounting professional who loves a new job, and getting a thank-you call from the client where we've placed them, makes me come to work every day. I'm able to bring my own value system to this industry. The reward is when our customers understand that it's personal - my firm's values and my personal ones are one and the same.

Q: What advice would you offer someone who wants to follow a similar career path?
A: It's not about quantity - it's about getting it right the first time. Quality has always kept my business booming. We match the best people and the best opportunities. As a recruiter who's been in the industry for over 20 years, you have to love your job, raise your own bar on quality service every day, never sacrifice your ethics and ensure that every customer is at the top of your list. Never rest on the reputation you've built in the past.


At Thomas Byrne Associates, our mission is pure and simple: service, professionalism and focus. We strive to deliver outstanding service to our candidate-customers and employer-customers alike. We maintain a strong focus and are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for all parties.


Established in 1985, Thomas Byrne Associates is a recruitment firm specializing in the placement of high potential accounting and finance professionals. Our firm enjoys an outstanding market reputation for quality, focus, integrity and candidate delivery. Mr. Byrne is a Certified Personal Consultant (CPC) and is recognized nationally for his commitment and service to the personnel industry. A significant portion of the practice is dedicated to the placement of candidates with varying degrees of Big-5 and other public expertise. Ultimately, we work to place leaders and change agents in both financial and project management.