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Event marketing is an exceptionally well-established industry that has fared particularly well during the recent economic difficulties that the world has faced. It’s an attractive solution for companies because the results are so easy to measure. Customers are reached on a daily basis, and we can provide day-to-day statistics on how their campaign is faring, as well as hand over fantastic feedback on their product or service. This is why The Tailored Group chose to specialize in face to face sales and marketing as its one of the most effective marketing components.

The results speak for themselves. A 2010 study by the Direct Marketing Association USA found that companies spent $153.3 billion on direct marketing and that these expenditures generated around $1.8 trillion in sales. The Tailored Group are at the forefront of the market. Television and radio advertising are much less easy to measure, they’re much more expensive and normally they don’t see the results of direct marketing.

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