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In practically every company in the US, 20 percent of employees are still doing 80 percent of the work. So often, the other 80 percent get looked at as underperforming, when really they are just in the wrong position.

We have a hiring system that reveals the kind of position a person is designed for based on their core unchanging nature, and then matches them to a position within a company where they will be a top performer.

We are revolutionizing the way companies handle their greatest assets: optimizing the talent they have, and positioning them to only hire the right people. We are demonstrating the effect of having a top performer in every seat, but more importantly we are empowering people to be top performers.

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There was a nano-second somewhere between the moment you realized that your job isn’t where you belong and the fear that ensues when you actually believed you could find a “fit”, the “fit”. The job that was made for you, where you’d shine, have purpose, and be fulfilled.

We’ve all taken personality tests, but did you know that even the most regarded of them all has approximately 70% accuracy in retest. Not unlike those Facebook quizzes that tell you what city suits you best, in January you were made for South Beach, but come August, Denver should be your next stomping ground. Personality changes with time.

What makes you who you are is your unchanging nature, your core. We’ve discovered the power of helping people unearth and leverage their potential.

You used to believe there was a perfect fit for you. You are the perfect fit. Find out who you are at The Core.

The Core Hiring System

There’s a missing link in finding good people. You know this, we know this.

You can look at any department in your company and quickly identify your top performers.The rock stars. The ones you want to clone. They generate more revenue, they get there the earliest, stay until it’s done, and love their job.

The hiring process seems overwhelming. You are making decisions based solely on perceived skill and experience.

What would it look like to have a proven, automated process to weed out all the candidates that aren’t hardwired for a position? It would give you the ability to use the interview in the way it was intended: to determine emotional intelligence and fit within the culture already knowing they are top performers for this specific job.

We’ve all interviewed off the top of the stack or half the stack because of time constraint; we want to give you the confidence that you are shaving the stack because these are the candidates designed for the position.

It's not simple, but there is a better way.