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The Potter's House Family and Children Treatment Center

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The Potter's House Family and Children Treatment Center and The Potter's House Homes For Children provides Community Based and Residential Therapeutic Services to children and their families with behavioral health diagnoses at a Public Behavioral Health Outpatient Center and three Residential Programs located within the Stone Mountain, Lithonia,and Clarkston areas of the Dekalb/Gwinnett counties in the metropolitan Atlanta section of GA.


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In 1995, Jeffrey and Vivian Tobias had a vision to help abused, neglected, and abandoned children. They wanted to be able to provide a safe haven where children would feel secure and loved until their family situations were improved. We believe that a Christian environment, which teaches the principles of Jesus Christ, would have an enormous impact on their lives.

In 1996, Jeffrey and Vivian Tobias became incorporated under the name, The Boys To Men Discovery Home, and in 1999 received a license from the State of Georgia to operate as a Child Caring Institution and to provide Therapeutic Foster Care Services. They began using their home, in Stone Mountain, Georgia for their first location. Vivian and Jeffery were the directors, counselors, therapists, cooks, landscapers, janitors, tutors, transporters, shoppers, etc…, while continuing to maintain full time employment. They began with seven children in their home, along with their daughter.

These children had been so severely abused that being afraid of going to sleep were a common occurrence. Most of the children had been physically and sexually abused in ways that are almost indescribable. Often Vivian and Jeffrey would say, “we would have never believed that such horrific acts could be performed by adults who have been given charge to care for their children”.

In 2000, they expanded and a second home was opened in Clarkston, Georgia and changed the name of the organization to the Potter’s House Homes For Children. In the Book of Jeremiah, the prophet is given a vision by God of people broken in spirit, and God takes the clay into His hands and remakes them into new and better vessels. God told Jeremiah to "go down to 'the potter’s house,' and watch me perform miracles." Today, He is still working miracles at The Potter’s House Homes For Children. We have many success stories and anticipate many more to come.

The Potter's House opened its third home in Lithonia, Georgia in 2001. A fourth home was opened in Stone Mountain, Georgia in 2003.

In 2006, The Potter's House acquired 7000 square feet of office space to provide mental health services. This Mental Health Clinic allows services to be expanded to include therapeutic services to not only the children in our residential program, but also to the families of the children that serve in the surrounding metropolitan Atlanta community. We have come to realize that often times the child is healed but the family unit remains dysfunctional. By providing services to the entire family the impact will be more profound and permanent.

God is at work and is still truly performing miracles at The Potter’s House Homes For Children.


Respect: The Potter’s House Family and Children Treatment Center was founded to reach out to and serve all “at-risk” children and families. We respect and strive to preserve the uniqueness of each person and acknowledge the special nature and gifts with which each person is endowed.

Restoration: The Potter’s House Family and Children Treatment Center is committed to helping children and families in need. We strive to help them become complete and productive members of society by restoring their whole being. The Potter’s House Family and Children Treatment Center believes that it is essential to restore the whole person: mind, body, and soul, as well as bring each child and family to wholeness.

Steadfastness: The Potter’s House Family and Children Treatment Center acknowledges the existence of a Creator through whom the restoration and healing of a person’s life can be fully accomplished. We will continue to hold true to our foundational beliefs, by providing programs that meet the needs of those it is dedicated to serve.


To assist with a child's maturity into a competent, self-sufficient and productive adult. We believe that it is necessary to provide the child with consistent supportive environmental stimuli conducive to learning basic life skills. A child's parents, peer groups, and schools are major influences to their development. As parents serve their purpose and become less important agents in the child's life, peer groups, and schools increase their importance. The Potter's House Homes for Children, Inc. serves the needs of the children who may not need parenting as much as peer group interaction and support from positive, mature adults. The educational needs of the child in this setting are regularly and routinely met in the community; or, in special exceptions at an outside mental health component.


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