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The Newschool Group is perfect for ANY company, regardless of size. We want to help you build your company with just the right people for the job. Start saving your time and money, and free yourself to do other things. We are different from ANY other recruitment firm. How you ask? We save you time, energy and money by investing time upfront to learn what makes you, the client, unique. What is your culture like? What is your leadership style? And what are the requirements of the job? We believe culture matters, so we look not just for someone who can do the job but for someone who will also fit your culture and leadership style! We are not trying to fill positions. We want to find just the right candidate for what you need who will be productive and stay with you for years to come!


Executive, Engineering, and Technology Services

The Newschool Selection System is unique, thorough and highly effective at acquiring top tier, hard to find professionals.

Staffing Services

Need to add staff quickly or find temporary assistance? Whether you are growing, adjusting to seasonal changes, or addressing a spike in demand, being able to respond to changing needs is essential.

Consulting Services

Is your team stuck? Do they struggle with engagement and accountability? Are there gaps in important skills such as interviewing, hiring, coaching, team building, decision making, and leadership? All of our programs are designed to make an impact and provide participants with the critical knowledge they can apply immediately!

Small Business Services

The Small Business Services team�s job is to assess both your organizational culture, and assess the job you want filled. This will save time and money in helping qualify potential candidates.

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