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The Jam Factory

Private Sales - Marketing Advertising 13 Active Jobs

We pride ourselves in injecting a sense of personality in to your brand, elevating it from the sensory overload of modern, digital and print advertising. By representing your brand in person we can imbue it with personality and create something unique and engaging. We love dealing with people! We hate the idea that all of tour customers are the same, or would enjoy the same things. We can offer a level of precision in how we reach your audience and deliver a much bigger result as a consequence.

We specialise in events based marketing, ranging from retail to pop ups, meaning that we can ‘inject some jam’ into the way you engage with your customer base (like a giant, marketing donut).

We have run campaigns for clients that help educate people on healthy and organic eating, we’ve run human rights campaigns to help the most marginalised and poverty stricken members of society and we’ve helped raise millions for endangered species; all in the last 18 months!


Early Careers

Jam Factory offers a flexible 12 month rotational program with three placements in three key areas of Factory HQ. The idea is to offer a different path to build your career – it’s about getting breadth early on, to stand you in good stead for the future. At the end of the training period we then assign you a client portfolio to run and manage.


Jam Factory offers those looking for entry level experience the chance to come and work within a live marketing campaign as a member of our events team. It’s a chance to learn and get mentorship from our team whilst also making a difference to our clients.

Work Placements:

Our placements take place each quarter and last for a minimum of 8 weeks. We give our interns a ‘real’ role at Factory HQ, designed to be challenging and have clear goals to come in and hit.

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The Jam Factory

519 8th Ave, New York
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