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The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company

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Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) sets the standard in equipment breakdown insurance and other specialty insurance and reinsurance coverages worldwide, with technical knowledge, superior risk solutions and customer commitment you can count on, backed by over 147 years of leadership. HSB shows you how to stay ahead of emerging risks in a complex world.

Custom Solutions

Hartford Steam Boiler offers its customers more than insurance.  Helping our customers manage risk and prevent loss is a key value HSB brings to the table.  For example, we offer risk management tools to help our insurance company partners identify loss trends to improve their underwriting results.

Our products and services are available through agents and brokers, as well as through other insurers who have reinsurance agreements with HSB.

Risk Solutions

Hartford Steam Boiler provides custom specialty risk solutions for our clients. Addressing the risks of the future is what we have been doing successfully for over 145 years. Our recipe for success: we anticipate risks and deliver solutions tailored to clients’ needs, creating opportunities for them to achieve market differentiation and sustained profitable growth.

Hartford Steam Boiler offers customized specialty insurance and reinsurance products and service solutions designed for business, institutions, homes and farms.

We are always attentive to building lasting client relationships. Key to this is our ability to listen and customize solutions to ensure that our products and services are tailored to fit our clients' needs. We underwrite standard, as well as non-standard or complex risks and supply customized insurance products, claim and engineering services that provide valued-added differentiation.

Hartford Steam Boiler offers its customers more than insurance. Helping our customers manage risk, prevent loss and optimize the performance of their plant and equipment is a key value HSB brings to the table. And as a member company of Munich Re we can provide a wide range of tailored solutions.

Contact Us

Call 1-800-HSB-1866 (1-800-472-1866) to contact any person or functional area within Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB).  

Or e-mail us at