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The Creative Group

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The Creative Group® provides a comprehensive range of freelance
creative, advertising, marketing and Internet professionals to a variety
of companies. By working with us, companies have access to more than
75,000 industry specialists. Background The Creative Group, a
division of specialized staffing leader Robert Half, focuses on placing
freelance professionals in the creative, advertising, marketing, web and
public relations fields. As companies develop short- and long-term
strategies for building visibility in an increasingly competitive
marketplace, they require immediate access to specialized freelancers.
They look to The Creative Group for consultants who possess expertise in
a range of areas, including Internet design, direct marketing,
e-marketing and media relations.


Your First Call for Project Solutions he Creative Group has a roster of award-winning creative and communications associates who can provide you with the solutions your company requires. Our experienced staffing managers are able to immediately understand your needs because they have walked in your shoes. Each team from The Creative Group is composed of former marketing, advertising and creative professionals who are familiar with your projects, your budgets and your deadlines. Our teams specialize in finding the right solution to your communications or design dilemma. With our extensive network of freelance professionals, we are able to source even the most specialized consultant or simply find the perfect person to step in during vacations and leaves of absence. By using freelance consultants you can staff appropriately by the project and avoid overstaffing or reduced efficiency during peak workload periods. We guarantee* that you'll be pleased with the results.


The Creative Group places a range of creative, production, advertising, marketing, web, training and public relations professionals with a variety of businesses. To help you, we've developed job descriptions for the positions we most commonly place in the following categories: creative and production; advertising and marketing; new media and web; and public relations. Average starting salaries for these positions can be found in our annual Salary Guide. Keep in mind that the following job descriptions are general in nature; contact one of The Creative Group's staffing managers to refine them based on your company's specific criteria and needs. * If, after 16 hours, you are not completely satisfied with your associate, simply notify your staffing manager. You will not be charged for those hours, and we will promptly send you a replacement.


For additional information, please call 1.888.846.1668