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The Bartech Group

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Bartech is a leading global contingent workforce management and staffing solutions provider to Global 500 firms. Today we bill over $2 billion in revenue for clients worldwide who trust us to design, execute and manage sophisticated workforce management solutions, large-scale staffing engagements and strategic Business Process Outsourcing and consulting engagements.

The commonality in our arsenal of workforce management solutions is the ability to achieve impressive ROI through the skillful management of human capital resources and the integration of smart and efficiency-generating technologies. For over 35 years, large and small companies from a variety of industries have come to rely on Bartech’s superior domain expertise to transform workforce management practices, optimize staffing organizations, improve business performance and generate new paths to greater productivity and efficiency.

Career Opportunities

Grow Your Skills, Advance Your Career

You have plenty of options when it comes to putting your skills to work in the marketplace today. So why should Bartech be one of your top options?

The Work
The professionals we employ—from engineers and accountants to technology experts and customer support specialists—are working at the forefront of industry and market innovation. We make it our job to put you to work for dynamic businesses and in interesting roles.

The Rewards
An outstanding hire is a highly valuable and lasting asset for any business—for Bartech, our clients, our partners and our prospects. For that reason, Bartech has created a cash-based employee referral program designed to encourage both our staff and consultants to help expand our talent networks.

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The Bartech Group
17199 North Laurel Park Drive, Suite 224
Livonia, Michigan, USA 48152


For 35 years Bartech has been a company always leading in service, in talent, in results and in industry innovation. We endeavor every day to lead on, knowing where we came from and with eyes focused clearly on a bright future ahead.