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The AMES Companies, Inc.

Private Consumer Products 17 Active Jobs

The AMES story goes back to 1774, when Captain John Ames began making America’s first shovels. We’ve been building America ever since, through wartime and peacetime, boom and bust. And we’ve had our share of adventure along the way-we’ve dug for gold, gone on expeditions to Antarctica, and built at least two of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

And just like America, we’re still working every day to build the next great wonder.

Career Opportunities

Are you a team player? Do you care about the quality of your work? Will you always do your best for customers?

If so, we welcome you to become part of the AMES team.

Being a part of our team means living our core values of accountability, customer focus, decision making, taking initiative, and being trustworthy.


All the Information You Need, In One Place

We’ve collected all that paperwork you meant to hang onto here: warranties, replacement parts info, those assembly directions you threw out with the box. No need to go dumpster diving-we have the originals.