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The Albrecht Group

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The Albrecht Group is a full service executive search firm working with client companies in many industries. Our assignments have been national as well as international in scope. Past searches have ranged from the 3-5 year experience professional through line and staff managers to the senior VP level. Our specialty is working with manufacturers. We take pride in the thoroughness of our search plans and the care we exercise in qualifying candidates.

We have developed the ability to tailor a search to our client’s specific needs. This entails identifying those people who bring particular strengths and leadership skills to your organization. We feel our responsibility is not just to present candidates for consideration but also to present the very best talent available from which to choose.

Our success in consistently sparking interest from busy top level professionals and attractively portraying the challenges and opportunities of the position in your company is a key element in providing the best people for your open positions.

The Albrecht Group has a proven record of success and we welcome the opportunity to work with you.

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