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Technical Resources International

Public Headquartered in Bethesda, MD 15 Active Jobs

Founded in 1979, Technical Resources International, Inc. (TRI), provides a unique range of support services to private industry, government agencies, and associations. We say “unique” because it is rare to find one company whose range of services encompasses the areas of communications, health, and information technology.

Our Communications

Our Communications services cover the full spectrum from strategy development through plan implementation. Specifically these services include Marketing & Communications, Event Planning & Management, Design & Multimedia, and Clearinghouse Management. We can run your focus group, prepare your public outreach literature, organize your symposium, manage your marketing information, make your Public Service Announcement, and more!

Our Information Technology

Our Information Technology division offers a diverse range of IT services, including Web site Design, Application & Network Services, and Database Design & Management. If you need a new Web site, have a Database to manage, or have too much information to handle, please let us help!


Our Health services include Bio-Pharmaceutical Development Support, Health Information Services, and Health & Environmental Assessment. With this broad range of services and expertise, we are able to provide critical technical support to government and private sector clients endeavoring to bring vitally needed healthcare products to market!