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Technical Professionals Group LLC

Private Automotive - Motor Vehicles - Parts Transportation Industrial 5 Active Jobs

Technical Professionals Group partners with its clients and its
seasoned, flexible, technical workforce to provide validation,
durability, mileage accumulation and quality testing & maintenance
services for vehicle and mechanized equipment fleets, projects and

We offer a broad range of workforce management and managed program
solutions across the automotive, agricultural, mining, engineering,
communications and manufacturing sectors. Our clients gain the
flexibility of utilizing TPG deployed teams either for specific project
deliverables or in support of particular workgroups. We provide a cost
effective solution for managing non-core activities as well as variable production needs by ensuring consistent and safety conscious
workforce quality together with accurate and timely test program

We have broad experience in line and executive management in both the service and the manufacturing sectors. This gives us a unique understanding of the pressures and challenges faced by small and large businesses alike in managing changes in demand, keeping the workforce motivated and responding quickly to maintain quality customer service, superior operational productivity and a safety conscious environment.

TPG's employees, whether from technical disciplines or the skilled labor ranks, are all professionals. We pride ourselves in having the best for the job and that they are delivering top performance on a daily basis to our clients. If you are interested in joining us as an employee click here.

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