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Tech Electronics, Inc.

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We provide systems and services that help our customers work smarter, feel safer, and collaborate more effectively.

Tech Electronics is a technology services organization headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with a network of seven offices across the Midwest.

At Tech Electronics, we specialize in life safety and communication systems in the education, healthcare, construction, government, commercial-industrial, SMB, and worship industries. We design solutions to fit each site’s unique layout and priorities. From fire alarm installation and testing to security cameras and video surveillance, our tailor-made solutions deliver connection and protection. The Tech Electronics team wants our customers to be at their technological best whether it’s through the telephone, IT services, professional sound systems, intercom, or audio visual services that we provide.

Career Opportunities

Tech Electronics empowers schools, hospitals, and other organizations with technology. Every day, people across the country depend on our services to operate and communicate safely and effectively

We are a growing, family-owned company with seven offices and over 300 team members. Our employees are problem solvers, technology experts, and avid learners.

Tech is looking for people to join us in building a safer, smarter, more collaborative world.


    • Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Services
    • IT Services
    • Managed & Remote Services
    • Monitoring Services
    • On-Site Repair Services