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Teal Marketing Inc

Knoxville, TN Sales - Marketing Consulting Telecommunications

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Two years ago today, our President, Megan, started a business that would be known throughout Knoxville to be a firm filled with exceptional professionals. Congratulations, Teal Marketing Inc, on two years of business! Cheers to many more to come! Celebrate this milestone with us on Facebook - @TealMarketingInc.
Vegas, you were amazing, and we miss you already! What we love most about our conferences besides the incredible locations, is celebrating the success of the year alongside our talented colleagues and mentors. Relive our best memories with us in this recap video.
In just a few short days, we'll say goodbye to 2019 and welcome twelve new months filled with opportunity and new adventures. As excited as we are for the new year, we are even more honored to have had such a great year. Relive our best moments with us in our recap video.
We acquire new customers for our clients every day, and every quarter that number gets bigger and bigger. Learn more about who we are and what we offer our clients by browsing our website and following us on Facebook.
The Teal Marketing Inc team are big football fans! Now that fall is in the air, we had to cheer on our Tennessee Vols! Go, Vols, go! Watch the highlights of the most recent home game in our latest YouTube video.

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About Teal Marketing Inc

With requests from clients for new customer acquisition in a business-to-consumer environment, Teal Marketing Inc opened in Knoxville, TN! Specializing in face-to-face marketing and sales consulting, our company was founded to help improve brand representation and market reach for nationally ranked clients. At Teal Marketing Inc, we are focused on excellence and expansion and are excited about our plans to grow into 2 new markets this year!

We owe our success at Teal Marketing Inc to the service we provide to our clientele and our team. Our mission is to duplicate success by providing innovative, effective, integrated brand marketing and sales solutions to help our clients grow their businesses and exceed their sales goals. We are committed to continuously providing quality customers, quality customer service, and quality hands-on sales training for our team. We strive to nurture, empower, support, and expand the skill sets of all who step foot into Teal Marketing Inc!

Our Specialties

Teal Marketing Inc specializes in 3 main areas of business:

1️⃣ Customer acquisition and retention. We have acquired and retained thousands of customers for our clients with our personal and relational systems.

2️⃣ Coaching and developing. We develop our team of professionals to become future leaders in business and in the community.

3️⃣ Performance. By placing a high emphasis on results, we ensure our team is always equipped and understands the value of surpassing our clients' expectations on a consistent basis.

Our Culture

We are proud of the work environment we have created and the personalities that make up the team at Teal Marketing Inc! Linked with our skill set, the incredible expertise and work ethic possessed easily raises the standard for marketing and sales consulting in Knoxville.

Wonder what it is like to be a part of Teal Marketing Inc? Envision an atmosphere of not only working hard but playing hard too. As a tight-knit group, our management team coordinates weekly "friends and family nights" to promote team bonding and unity outside of the typical office setting!


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🏆 Excellence
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Contact Us

📞 Phone Number: (865) 233-8925

📧 Email: hr@tealmarketinginc.com

📍 Address: 6700 Baum Dr, Suite 17, Knoxville,TN 37919

💻 Website: https://tealmarketinginc.com

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