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TCA Lexington

Lexington, KY Private Sales - Marketing Consulting Retail < 100 employees

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Earlier this year, the TCA Lexington management team was invited to attend our first conference of 2020 held in Las Vegas. We enjoyed spending quality time with our mentors and colleagues and especially enjoyed celebrating a great year. Watch all of our favorite moments on YouTube.
Our YouTube just got a little bit better! Why? We recently uploaded our logo reveal, and we have to say, it's pretty amazing. Take a look here.

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About TCA Lexington

TCA Lexington specializes in outsourced sales, marketing, and customer acquisition for multi-billion dollar companies. In today's world, everyone is looking for the most cost effective way to promote their product and grow as a business. Our marketing strategy caters to these needs by speaking directly to our clients' customers and providing them with immediate, measurable results. This approach enhances brand loyalty for our clients with a positive, long-lasting impression and increased revenue. 

As other indirect channels of marketing have grown, so has the gap between the product and consumer. TCA Lexington bridges this gap through in-person contact with potential customers in retail locations. This personal approach to sales and marketing allows our sales professionals to reach and educate the customer while having their undivided attention. 

To facilitate growth, TCA Lexington must find quality candidates to expand our organization. Our team is comprised of professionals that have proficient abilities, such as strong communication skills, the ability to overcome objections, and the passion for interacting with customers. In order to keep up to speed with our growing list of clients, we must grow, too. Our clients are most impressed with our ability drastically increase sales while representing their name with the highest level of integrity and professionalism!

Our Core Values

👑 Honesty and Integrity – Success begins from the ground up. Every day presents itself with many opportunities to be honest when nobody else is looking.

Customer Centric – TCA Lexington strives to put our customers’ needs as our highest priority to build strong and loyal customer relationships.

Opportunity Focused – With every diversion presents an opportunity. Whether it’s an alternate route or a lesson learned, keeping an opportunity driven mindset will always contribute to achieving success.

Adaptability – The economy is always changing. We pride ourselves having the ability to adapt to any change in the market or with any new direction we’re presented with.

Having Fun – TCA Lexington is committed to reaching its goals by creating a fun, unique, and energetic environment!

Our Company Culture

What does the culture look like at TCA Lexington? 

💪 Fast-paced
Representing a Fortune 500 client requires a high standard of excellence. With aggressive growth projections nationally, we're always on our toes!

💪 Supportive yet competitive
Most of our team members come from sports-oriented backgrounds. We work as a team and succeed as a team.

💪 Growth-focused
The personal and professional growth of our individual team members, from entry level marketing and sales roles to leadership and executive positions, is of the utmost importance to TCA Lexington.

💪 Entrepreneurial-minded
Our entire business model at TCA Lexington is based on expansion on behalf of our client and training managers to oversee additional offices locations. With plans to expand into 2 new markets over the next year, we're well on our way to exceeding our client's expectations!

Contact Information

📞 Phone Number: (859) 523-0422

📧 Email: hr@tcalexington.com

📍 Address: 771 Corporate Dr #605, Lexington, KY 40503

💻 Website: https://tcalexington.com


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