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Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 51 - 200 Employees 3 Active Jobs

Tandem is a full-service PEO. Tandem's approach makes it unique in the PEO industry:

Tandem Walks the Walk:
Tandem practices what it preaches, outsourcing non-core business functions to outside experts. This strategy leaves Tandem management free to focus on providing you and your employees with great service.

Tandem Has Extensive Experience:
Tandem's management team has a combined 100 years of experience in human resource management, employee benefits, and employment law. Tandem's management experience translates into time and money savings for our clients.

Tandem Takes a Proactive Approach:
In the areas of Human Resources and Risk Management, many PEO's use a reactive strategy. At Tandem, we believe in preventing problems before they start. We make suggestions to improve morale, lower turnover, enhance workplace safety and keep you up-to-date on all areas of employment law and compliance.

Tandem Promises Flexibility:
Tandem's philosophy means designing solutions for each employer's needs. Each business is unique and needs personal attention and creativity to deliver the best solution.

Tandem Offers Key Resources:
Tandem's human resource director is a talent previously available only to large corporations. Fortune 500-type benefit programs allow Tandem clients to compete for the best talent.


Business owners start businesses because they have "an idea." As a business grows, tedious administrative demands grow as well. Owners suddenly realize they have become distant from their core business and the original reasons for starting the business.

Control over one's own time and energy has become a struggle in today's workplace. It has become critical to delegate non-core activities and spend our time and energy where it yields the greatest rewards.

Tandem's mission centers on giving control of time and energy back to the business owner. We give our clients the freedom to focus on their core business, while we handle all employee-related functions.

Our vision is built on the idea that outsourcing non-core activities is a key success factor. It's a practice we embrace in our own business, and see the value for Tandem as well as our clients.

Imagine a business community where all firms delegate non-core activities to outside experts. Entrepreneurs focus on their original idea. Organizations stay lean, eliminate bureaucracy, and streamline decision-making. Management is re-energized and excited to be free of paperwork, regulations and administration.

Providing a competitive advantage drives Tandem's success. We save time and money, eliminate headaches and improve cash flow for our clients. Our success is dependent on the contributions we make to our client entrepreneurs and business owners.

We look forward to bringing value to your organization.