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Syska Hennessy Group, Inc


At Syska Hennessy Group, we create exceptional environments.
By combining our expertise with all of the next generation tools that technology has to offer, we are able to provide high performance engineering, consulting and commissioning solutions for the built environment.
We are committed to being the best, to advancing engineering design practice, and to supporting our clients with integrity and commitment. Through our highly collaborative approach, we engage with our clients to help them meet their challenges head on.
We embrace social responsibility, both in our workplace and in our design practice.
And we are early adaptors of the 2030 Challenge, committing our practice to achieving carbon neutrality. Our thought leadership section demonstrates that we're ahead of our industry's curve.
We are proud of our portfolio of international projects which include some of the world’s most technically sophisticated buildings.


"We create and evolve environments where people succeed. Our non-traditional approach transcends clients’ expectations and increases the reward-to-effort relationship."

Syska Hennessy Group has a unique client-centered approach to delivering its services that differentiates virtually everything about the way we do business. It means we work in superbly skilled, creative teams providing a high degree of client interaction and counsel. We integrate our services across disciplines to provide the most complete, practical and reliable expertise in one source. And we focus on select market areas and industries so that we can thoroughly understand our clients' businesses and what drives their success. As a result, we get to work on what we consider the best buildings in the world.

To make all of that happen, we rely on the talent, the drive, the enthusiasm and the total job satisfaction of the great people who work here. Judge for yourself the kind of work we produce, and what people say about their experiences here.


With complete capability from consulting through to commissioning, we plan, design and build technically superior facilities that are key to the success of clients worldwide. It affords our clients far more than just the turnkey ease of a single-source supplier. Working from a broad platform of expertise and abilities, our solutions integrate the proven-best practices from all of our disciplines. Our technology, and operational expertise makes us better design engineers and consultants, able to predict, prevent and correct problems across the full life cycle of a facility. Our Consulting services help owners plan and run their businesses more efficiently by assisting with strategic planning, project financing, asset management and building system audits, system commissioning, integration, and facilities management. Our Engineering and Technology services provide a single-source solution to owners and design team partners in providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineering services, along with technology and telecommunications system design services.