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Synexus is the world’s largest site network, with more than 195 sites and 1,500 employees. We provide customers with access to more than 100 million patients in key clinical development markets including Europe and the United States.

Synexus offers biopharmaceutical and contract research organizations (CRO) an unmatched capacity to find the right patient for the right trial at the right time. Our global scale and world-class site network delivers unparalleled capability, including data-driven site selection and activation, combined with proven patient engagement and retention expertise across the U.S., Europe and Africa.

Our network of Dedicated Research Sites allows customers to commission global studies through a single contract with Synexus providing access to more than 100 million patients from our global site footprint.

Customers then benefit from improved speed and efficiency in the trial process, with high numbers of retained patients recruited from a smaller number of sites, but also the reassurance of high quality data.

Patients respond to our community focused advertising. We tell them about the clinical trial process so they can make an informed choice and remain engaged throughout. Throughout we focus first and foremost on patient care and safety. This is why Synexus continues to be the patient’s choice for clinical research, with a growing community of over 800,000 patients.

Career Opportunities

We also have career opportunities in our head office departments, such as Project Management, Finance, IT and HR.

All are vital in delivering our vision to be the ‘patient’s choice for clinical research’.

We make sure our employees, whatever their role, deliver value through a performance management culture. Objectives are aligned to our strategic goals and we work with you to help you understand how you will contribute to our overall business objectives.

Interested in discovering more? Get in touch to find out if we have a vacancy that matches your experience.

Our Vision

The scalability of the Synexus model allows us to establish research centres in new locations with proven standards of delivery and an immediate focus on quality. We continue to expand to support our customer needs, delivering high numbers of quality patients from fewer sites than traditional recruitment approaches. Today, we have the largest footprint of dedicated sites across multiple countries.