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SynergisticIT focuses and Specializes on Java J2EE training as well as placement.

We have successfully provided consulting and IT services to many of the world's most reputed enterprises.

Our clients include fortune 500-1000 companies and well-established businesses in the areas of:

  • Wealth management and financial services - credit, savings and loan products.
  • Internet, advertising and social networking services.
  • Technology and manufacturing, including aerospace and automotive industries.
  • Home mortgages.
  • Innovative technologies for computing and graphics solutions.
  • Defence and Technology - innovative products and solutions in the areas of information and services, electronics,     aerospace and shipbuilding.
  • Retailing networks for groceries, multi-department stores, convenience stores and mall jewellery.
  • Health care and wellness plans and services for individuals and families.
  • IT services, services for application, software development, outsourcing, business solutions for small and medium businesses.
  • Computer technology and software products for computing devices.
  • Wireless and wire line communications services.

We satisfy the high standards of our clients for quality, service and delivery. Our partners and consultants who work closely with us sign confidentiality agreements to protect the confidentiality of any information you share with us. Our security and privacy policies ensure that our clients' valuable data is kept secure at all times and protected with NDA agreements. Any information provided to us is protected with firewalls. Contact Synergistic IT to experience high-value services that help your business grow!

Our recruiters and account managers understand the client needs and work in synergy with them to provide the right match. Our recruiters use conventional methods like job boards as well as professional networks and our extensive database of candidates.


SynergisticIT is one of the most respectable firms in IT Staffing and Development. And that is because, we make decisions after considering all the possible consequences and aspects of our decision. We seek out people who not only possess strong technical abilities, but who show true dedication to their work, their clients, and their colleagues. We are proud of our best- in-class staffing and project delivery processes, coupled with the core values that guide our company culture and fuel our success.

Some Benefits of Working with SYNERGISTICIT:

SynergisticIT Specializes only on Java J2EE domain and we have an established client base whch enables faster placements at better clients

  • Interview Preparation and Tips Mock Interviews for Functional and Technical Preparation for client Inteviews.
  • Free Guest House (Seperate Ladies and Gents Guest Houses) accomodation to Outstation candidates and provision of basic Groceries.
  • Computer Lab with more than 20 PC's available to candidates 24x7x365 .
  • Extremely Strong Sales and Marketing team with solid network of  Fortune 500 Clients.
  • Library with more than 250+ Books Covering all topics.
  • The Positions which our Sales and Marketing team gets are not released into the market. So you have an exclusive on many positions which translates into more interviews and quicker placement for You.
    • Timely payment of Salarie If You are an OPT candidate we assist you in obtaining STEM extension for additional 17 months
    • Filing Of H1b and Green Card
    • Medical Group Coverage plan.
    • On the Job Technical Support

For More Details about our training and Placement please email you resume to and then call at 510-550- 7200 and press option 2 to Speak to one of our recruiters.


SynergisticIT values diversity and individual differences that can be built on to enhance business performance and mutual interests. Accordingly, it is our policy in furtherance of the principal of equal employment opportunity, to affirmatively recruit, hire, train, assign, transfer, evaluate, compensate, provide benefits, promote, demote, layoff, recall, and terminate employees on their own abilities, achievement, and experience without regard to race, colour, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, veteran status, or disability.

Our Mission

SynergisticIT helps organizations achieve their goals through improved access to their most important resource - talent. We are proud to be in a people-centered business. We hire great people and we help others do the same. That's because we know that great people are at the heart of every successful organization.

We have created a unique environment of mutual support, mentorship, communication, and collaboration - an environment where every employee can make a difference. This enables us to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Over the years, we have addressed the growing needs of our stakeholders through technology, improved process efficiencies, and new lines of business. We are always looking for ways to make our organization effective and efficient.

We are determined to set the standard for others to follow. We take our commitments seriously and put the needs of our clients and contractors before our own. We know that our customers and co-workers depend on this commitment. When we succeed, we help organizations thrive in today's fiercely competitive global economy.

Our mission is to be the premier information technology staffing company by:

  • Delivering real value to our clients by providing top quality technical services and solutions at reasonable rates.
  • Delivering the best work environment for our consultants and staff.
  • Delivering real value to shareholders through consistent growth and strong profitability.

We accomplish this mission by understanding that every person, company, culture, job and client is unique and treating them as such. One size does not fit all. Our mission is to find the right fit for everyone, every time.


SynergisticIT Specializes in Java J2EE training and Placement. The extensive training curriculum covers the full range of Java / J2EE Training, from writing fundamental Java syntax and OO Programming to developing distributed enterprise applications using Object Component Technologies. After completing our Java/J2EE training, you will possess the knowledge and extensive Java lab experience to design and develop powerful object-oriented Java/J2EE applications. These applications will be flexible, extensible and maintainable. This is our commitment to you.

Some features of our Java/J2EE training course are:

  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Java Exception Handling mechanism
  • Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction & Polymorphism in Java
  • Java Collections API
  • Java EE Domain Implementation and Integration
  • Java Data Objects (JDO)
  • EJB3-JPA
  • Spring Framework
  • Struts
  • Java EE Presentation Layer
  • Java Servlet Technology
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP)
  • Java EE Graphical User Interface Programming
  • Hibernate
  • Webservices
  • Assignments
  • Mock Interviews
  • Interview preparation


Q. I’m looking for a job - can SynergisticIT help me?
A. Yes. SynergisticIT places people in three ways: direct placement, Training and then placement and Fast track training and placement

Q. I do not want training . Can Synergisticit directly place me on a project?
A. We would take a technical interview of Yours if you do great in the technical Interview we can directly place you. Remember We have to ensure our Clients get technically qualified candidates so that is why we do Technical evaluation to ensure Quality of candidates.

Q. In what types of jobs does SynergisticIT specialize?
A.We Specialize in working with clients who have ongoing need for Java J2EE candidates and Oracle Pl/SQL Candidates.

Q. What kind of background or skills do I need in order to get placed or trained with SynergisticIT?
A. You would need to have a M.S. or B.S. in Computer Science /Information Systems or a similar degree. If You have prior programming experience in School or College or in any previous project You would be given preference.

Q. What companies or types of companies does SynergisticIT Systems work with?
A.Our customers are Fortune 500- 1000, mid-market, and emerging companies. They represent a wide variety of industries, including banking, Telecom, wireless, education, consulting, technology, insurance, energy, and healthcare.

Q. How is Synergisticit Different?
A. This is a long list

1) We believe that knowledge is power and if you have knowledge you would be continuously be able to get 1 job after another if you have the right skills and knowledge. We provide practical project based knowledge which just theoretical Knowledge cannot match.

2) We administer as many as 5-7 globally benchmarked evaluation tests to monitor and benchmarch your technical skills progression  against the developers in the rest of the world. These are not in-house tests but are administered by an independent third part at a cost to us. Topics covered in the tests are Core Java, Entry level Java, Spring, J2EE, Pl/sql, Hibernate, JSP servlets, etc.

3) We do not encourage proxy interviews and instead believe in empowering our candidate to crack interviews on their own. PLease see point 1

4) After the training we get all our candidates certified in Java from Oracle University at a cost to us.

5) We also give tips on personality development and communication skills which are essentail to performing well in interviews and at client sites.

6) We provide support for the whole duration of the project till the time you are with us at no cost.

7) We ensure that you are placed at a fortune client and not just any client and at a long term project.

8) We provide free accomodation and stipend to outstation OPT CPT candidates.

9) We provide H1b/GC filing option to our candidates who are working on projects through us and use reputed law firms to do the filing, extensions, change of status etc. We are also E-verified.

10) We have a 24/7 accessible computer lab and our premises are monitored by CCTV's for security.

11) We are proud to have one of the best libraries of books pertaining to Java / J2EE with more than 500 + books.

12) We have benefits like 401k, Medical Insurance and payroll processing through Paychex.

13) We have small batches of 4-5 candidates and offer personalized attention. We regularly have students and candidates who take training from other firms then later on joining us after couple of months and noticing the difference and commenting on the quality of the overall process which we have.

14) We cover all relocation and travel expenses when a candidate relocates to a client site and when they relocate to our site.

15) We offer referral bonus for any candidate who is referred to us and who joins us which is $500/ 6 months till the time the candidate is on the project.

16) We do not charge anything for the training. We are looking for quality candidates who want to make a career in Java. We specialize in Java and have a constant demand for quality candidates from our clients.

17) We have classes for 4-5 hours every day on weekdays and provide assignments projects etc which easily keeps you engaged for 8-10 hours every day. We never said it was easy to achieve success.

18) We offer competitive salaries and also % option after completion of a specifc tenure

It is not possible to list all the ways in which we are different as anyone can list anything the process and the methodology is what makes a difference.
Q. Will my resume be sent out to potential companies without my knowledge?
A. Never. Your resume will not be distributed anywhere without your prior consent. We Discuss the Requirement with You before sending your resume to any Client.

Q. Would Synergisticit assist me if I have technical questions or  problems while I am on a project?
A. Yes, for the duration you are working with us at one of our clients you would be provided remote assistance in understanding the project and the code.

Q. When on assignment, who is my employer?
A. SynergisticIT is your employer. SynergisticIT provides monthly paychecks and benefits to You If you have concerns about your assignment you should contact your Technical Recruiter for assistance.

Q. Does it cost me anything to work with SynergisticIT?
A. No. There are never any fees for you, the job seeker. Only Job opportunity with our Fortune 500 Clients.

Q. How much Do you charge for training?
A. We take a refundable Security Deposit which is refunded to you in your paycheck. A security deposit is needed as You would be issuing books, using Computer lab, staying in Guest house.

Q. Would you assist me to file for my H1B and Green Card?
A. Yes we would assist you in filing for your H1B and Green Card.

Q. Is Synergisticit Everified and can asssist me in 17 month STEM extension?
A. Yes Synergisticit would assist you in getting the 17 Month STEM extension.

Q. What kind of Salary and Benefits can I expect working with Synergisticit?
A. We Offer Salary and Benefits as per industry standards.

Contact Us

39812 Mission Boulevard Fremont,
CA 94539
suite 218

1-844-556-7755 (Toll Free)