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Supreme Staffing Solutions LLC

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The concept to create a Service for professionals to market their skills to be seen and heard came about by being in HR and Office Administrator for a combined 30 years. I started as a simple packer in 1981 after leaving school to becoming a Quality Control Manager and an independent contractor for 13 years until the sale of the company. I then had to start all over at a new company as a cashier moving up within 6 months to Assistant HR Manager then HR Manager within 2 years. Hiring 5000 employees through inter-company system of screening that decided whether a candidate was eligible by company standards to have an interview. I was then approached by another company and took an offer that led me to see the interview and hiring process was impersonal. I then found a job that gave me opportunity to help consultants on the road and the ability to work from home. I then had the opportunity to experience what job seekers feel and what they have to go through to find a career. I was unemployed for almost a year from August 2015 to July 2016. I paid for my resume to be posted on job sites i also applied for jobs then found out later that they no longer exist. Now I am 53 and the job market has become computerized. I took this time to develop a service that allows businesses to get back to basics which are needed to select a candidate with no surprises which is a waste of money and poor choices. The professionals have an equal opportunity which allows them to be selected for a position and with no solicitation. Feel free to take a look around and see the services that we offer.


Supreme Staffing Solutions is dedicated to providing Exceptional Customer Service to Its Members. Pro Members will have one on one interaction with a highly qualified Staffing Agent that will help them Market their Professional Skills. They also get helpful tips from other Professional Members on the site. Our Business Members will receive the same one on one attention with a highly qualified Agent to help make the connection with one of Our Professional Members Go to chat @ the Bottom of Our Page and Staffing Agent will contact you about Our Members Only Services. This Member only Service is to provide our Professionals the deserved privacy to eliminate outside solicitations from unwanted vendors and bogus job posting. Only Serious Business Professionals looking for Qualified Professionals that are ready for work are a part of Our Unique Global Staffing Source.

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859 U.S 130 #103,East Windsor, NJ, USA