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Superior Business Solutions

Private Sales - Marketing Headquartered in Louisville, KY 4 Active Jobs

Superior Business Solutions specializes in promotional marketing and customer acquisitions for some of the most respected retail, telecommunication and entertainment companies. Our uniquely developed system has allowed us to sustain lifelong clients because we are one of few marketing companies that give a 100% return on our clients' investment dollar. It is our ability to increase brand recognition and provide customer loyalty that elevates to a higher standard than most other businesses nationwide.


Our office culture is unique and innovative in the sense that it emphasizes a team oriented, fun, and exciting environment. Everyday we encourage one another to grow and improve from that day before. Our philosophy is to work hard and play hard. If you share that mentality, then Superior is a great fit for you!


To represent a variety of Fortune 500 companies' interests within the utmost professional and integral environment possible is most of our most critical priorities.

Furthermore, our highly developed management training program has allowed us to obtain some of the most motivated and intelligible people to represent their respective clients. With that, we are pleased to expand our markets rapidly into growing cities and guarantee out clients a full return on their investments.

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2108 Plantside Drive
Louisville, KY 40299