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A lot of famous companies were started in a garage or basement.

We may not be that famous yet, but STL's story is similar.

An acronym for Sky's The Limit, STL was founded in 1991 by Katie and Tim Norman—in their basement.

The dream was to build a company, driven by a culture of strong Midwestern values, that provides small to mid-sized businesses with total business packages that now include state-of-the-art Cloud, Voice and Staffing solutions.

By integrating those services our clients can expect an unparalleled experience.

Staffing Services

STL Staffing has 25 years of expertise accommodating staffing needs across the country, for any sized business.

Headquartered in Bloomington, Illinois, we also have an office in Appleton, Wisconsin. Our goal is to identify and qualify the highest caliber candidates for our client’s ever changing staffing needs.

Our recruiters are proficient in searching for the best possible candidate on local, regional and national levels.

At STL, it’s not about finding A Person for A Job—it’s about finding the Right Person, with the Right Skills, for the Right Position.

Contact Us

501 S. Towanda Barnes Rd.
Suite 1
Bloomington, IL 61705