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Founder Michael Sterling led Fortune 500 Staffing teams for 8 extraordinary years – earning recognition as “International Region of the Year.”

Client engagements ranged from individual searches to enterprise-wide hiring contracts for companies including: Charles Schwab, Wells Fargo, McKesson, Jelly Belly Candy, Restoration Hardware, Lucasfilm, AON, Autodesk, Medtronic, Birkenstock and BNP Paribas.

Strategy & Core Values

1. My career – it’s my biggest investment – years of education, hard work, long hours, and continuous professional development. I want a strong and lasting return on my investment. Specifically, I want to:

  • Make a significant positive personal impact.
  • Do challenging, interesting and satisfying work.
  • Have the opportunity to earn strong financial compensation.
  • Work with people who share similar goals and values.

2. The best recruiters have BOTH – Immediate Opportunities, AND deep connections allowing them to open many more doors that I could on my own.

I want BOTH! I DON’T want to just be plugged into the job of the moment. A position needs to fit MY goals.

3. I want every possible stone turned over to ensure I’ve seen all my options.