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Private 250 - 500 Employees

We strive to be the best company of our kind. Our engineering resources and financial stability are essential to providing the technology and the new products you require to be competitive.

The skill that innovates solutions sets us apart in the industry. Beginning with the invention of the Coiled pin in the 1940s, we have continuously introduced new products, as well as improved the performance of established lines, resulting in millions of dollars of savings for our customers.

Standardization is fundamental to our success. We identify a common market requirement and develop a standard product line or production process that meets those needs. Standardization lowers material, tooling and production costs and lays the foundation to produce specials more cost effectively when they are required for your unique application. We are a leader in the development of international standards where you derive benefits through lower unit prices in general and shared development costs.

Our production capabilities cover a wide variety of modern processes spanning proprietary roll form technology and stamping, 4-slides, lasers, CNC machining, and Swiss multi-spindle screw machines. We perform most heat treating and finishing processes in-house to ensure consistent quality and to control delivery. You benefit from these investments with the breadth of our product lines, reduced tooling costs, shorter delivery schedules and less variability within each and every production lot.

Career Opportunities

SPIROL values its employees and recognizes that investing in people, their tools, and their work environment will ensure SPIROL’s success in this highly competitive global arena. We provide a supportive environment where you are encouraged to think outside of the box, innovate, ask why and why not – and then help you to develop your skills, knowledge and abilities even further. Your growth is our success.


We will set the industry standard for product quality, service and value by exceeding customer expectations through continual improvement.

Value-added Services

SPIROL International provides engineering assistance to customers developing unique designs or searching for solutions to problem applications. Spirol's goal is to help customers meet their economic objective by improving performance while reducing fastener/shim costs, related component costs and assembly costs.


SPIROL is a manufacturer of fasteners and components designed to facilitate the assembly process and meet the performance requirements of our customers. We are committed to
be the supplier of choice to the international markets we serve by providing a positive customer experience in all things that we do. We pride ourselves in being a solution
provider, working in collaboration with our customers in developing both commercial and technical solutions with the goal of lowering costs as well as improving performance. We
appreciate the need to be a resourceful company that addresses opportunities and problem solving with an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit dedicated to highest standard for product
quality, service and value.

We are a global company and as such are one cohesive entity whose combined resources
based on the strength of our individual operating units creates more value for our customers. We are grounded in our engineering and technical strengths and heavily invested in
our extensive manufacturing technology. Centers of manufacturing excellence supply strategically located distribution points. Our support functions – engineering, information
technology, sales, quality assurance and customer service – are globally seamless. We bring extensive knowledge based on years of experience to our customers on all continents
as a partner in the design and supply chain process.

Our employees are our most valuable resource and outstanding performance is essential
to achieving our goal to be at the leading edge of overall quality achievement. We strive to provide a workplace for people to develop and flourish. We foster a culture of innovation,
hard work, attention to detail, continuous improvement, and where individual achievement enhanced through cooperation yields superior results. We understand that a sense of
urgency and an outlook that puts the customer first without compromising good business practices and our core values is essential to being the best in meeting our customers’

Our success will be measured by increased market share, positive employee attitude,
shareholder support and profits that provide the financial stability and resources to serve
our customers, invest in the future and fund our responsibility to our community with a focus
on education and the environment.

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