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Spartan Resources

Public Headquartered in Atlanta, GA 35 Active Jobs

Welcome to the Spartan Resources Network! We have committed ourselves to making the recruiting, staffing and consulting process a seamless and effective experience.

Our strength in listening, understanding and communicating information with our clients and consultants has been the key to the 300% annual growth rate.

Our ability and experience in networking and building quality relationships will continue the expansion of our success.

Please take the time to explore our website and we look forward to working with you to build a better and stronger future.


Spartan Resources is a firm believer in partnership with its clients and consultants.

We have built our reputation by providing the highest level of professionalism, industry knowledge and service to all those who are associated to our network. Please see the below list outlining the benefits of joining our network of partnerships: Communication: Spartan understands the need for CONSTANT COMMUNICATION with the candidates during the placement process. We have all at one time or another been a candidate ourselves and understand the frustration of not knowing where you stand in the process. Even if we don’t have any new information, we will call to let you know so you are not kept in the dark. We will convey all feedback from the client, positive or negative, and our lines are always open for questions. Our communication does not end once a opportunity is secured. Upon placement on a contract with Spartan we will contact you within the first week of placement, as well as on a monthly basis thereafter until the contract comes to an end. Integrity At Spartan we understand the sensitive nature of a job search. We will hold all information in complete confidentiality until we have a candidate’s expressed consent to share that information. We will also not contact any of the candidate’s current employers or colleagues with out expressed consent. WE ARE HERE TO HELP. Quality of Service: At Spartan, we consider the quality of service our number one priority. Our team is dedicated to making your job hunting experience the absolute best. This means that when working with our team you can expect prompt and clear communication relevant to the opportunity. We will provide all the background information necessary to evaluate the position, as well as walk you step by step through the process to avoid any potential setbacks. Knowledge: We specialize in fully understanding the technological needs of our clients as well as the environment, culture, industry, and all other details surrounding the job opportunity. This information is important prior to introduction in a new company/assignment to ensure a clear and mutual match to all. Direct Exposure: Spartan Resources sees the value of direct exposure and clear communication with our Clients. We work directly with the decision makers and monitor the hiring process closely to enable a seamless introduction of the clients hiring process. Additionally, by joining our network you will also gain valuable exposure to many of the top technological companies in the nation. Technology: Because of our success in our field, we are honored in working with the most cutting edge technologies and companies. Our clients are the most advanced in their industry and are often rated as the top companies to work for in America every year. Security Spartan understands the need for quality health care, which is why we offer the option of Group Humana Health and Dental insurance for our employees. Just another added benefit of working with our team.

History and Future

Founded by a team of industry leaders in 2004, The Spartan Resource Network is a fusion of recruiting professionals with successful corporate and agency recruiting backgrounds to provide a well rounded service to our clients.

The partners have combined the systematic processes of corporate recruiting departments with the expansive network of agency recruiting to create seamless consulting and permanent placements. The Spartan Resource Network is where recruiting proficiency and experience meet.

Spartan Resources is a group of industry professionals that partners their experience, proven abilities and relentless work ethic to provide virtually flawless Staffing solution.

Our product is efficient and effective recruiting power.
Our approach, expansive network and our ability to overcome any Recruiting challenge has earned us business with companies nationwide ranging from Start-up to Fortune 500 companies.

We work with the best of the best: the most cutting-edge technology and the most exciting and challenging career opportunities. We invite you to discover further who we are and how we can help you achieve your next milestone!

Spartan’s goal is to continue growing at an exponential rate while continuing to deliver the same levels of quality and attention to both our clients and candidates.

We will accomplish this by empowering our clients with experienced professionals to meet their needs for growth in today’s competitive market, while at the same time, empowering the careers of our candidates with exposure to some of the most cutting edge companies in the nation.


QUALITY We commit to, and deliver against quality standards that meet or exceed our clients' requirements. INTEGRITY We conduct our business with the highest standards of integrity, trust and reliability. URGENCY We understand time sensitive assignments and expedite them immediately. SERVICE We ensure the highest level of service and professional attention to both our clients and candidates


The process for candidates with Spartan Resources begins well before we receive an open position to fill from one of our clients.

Our recruiters are proficient in the most recent market research in order to identify companies and positions that offer the greatest professional opportunity to our candidates. Additionally, we will spend the time to LISTEN and LEARN about each unique situation of our candidates to be able to create a perfect match between your job requirements and our clients’ staffing needs.

Our clients are among the nation’s Fortune 1000 companies in their respective industries and offer opportunities to work with the newest “CUTTING-EDGE” technologies in today’s marketplace. They offer the ability to keep your skill set fresh and to improve your value in the marketplace as a prospective employee or consultant.

Once identified, our recruiters and account managers conduct in depth screenings of each potential opportunity to be able to quickly and effectively match candidates to open job orders from our clients. The skill of timely and precisely matching our candidate’s needs with the potential opportunities in the industry is one of the many factors that separate us from our competition.

Another factor that separates Spartan from the rest is the time we take to also identify a good CULTURAL FIT. Spartan believes that matching the skill sets to the requirements is the easier part of the equation made more difficult by the other element - human nature; and the environment of the potential opportunity and surrounding team.
Additionally, the SUPPORT you will receive before, during, and after the interview and selection process is second to none.

Examples of the support you can expect from your recruiter at Spartan will include:

  • Help tailoring your resume to highlight your individual skills and abilities.
  • We will help you clearly understand the technical and cultural needs of our clients to determine which opportunities will provide the most professional and personal benefit for your situation.
  • We will submit your credentials ONLY to those companies we have agreed upon and gained your permission to represent you.
  • We will walk you through each step of the interview process at each client keeping you fully informed of all FEEDBACK, positive or negative.
  • We will represent you in all salary or rate negotiations offered by the client, and work for you to make sure you get the best rate possible.

We will also continue to work for our consultants while they are on assignment. We will keep in constant contact with our client to provide ongoing feedback to the consultant. We will also continue to identify new projects to avoid any down time between assignments.

Our goal at Spartan Resources is to deliver quality opportunities to candidates that fit our clients’ needs with a seamless and friendly process that allows our candidates to focus on their professional advancement and ongoing career development.