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Southern Sun Consulting

San Antonio, TX Private Sales - Marketing Consulting Advertising < 100 employees

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Recently, our team had the opportunity to travel to Las Vegas, NV, to attend our first conference in 2020. We had an amazing time preparing our skills and our minds for all that lies ahead this year! Watch this recap video for a few of our favorite Sin City moments.
We can't believe 2019 is almost over, but we have to admit it was a great year! Throughout the year, our team enjoyed various team night activities, embraced the holidays, and traveled across the country. Learn more about our year by watching this video recap.
At Southern Sun Consulting, we value people who are ambitious, driven, and hard-working and believe their work ethic should be recognized. For this reason, we reward our team members by being featured in a video. This month, Tony, impressed us with his goals and believe he has what it takes to excel!
Fall is in the air, and we're ready to attend as many fall activities as we can! Let the fun begin! If you are in the San Antonio area, we encourage you to try these seasonal friendly events. Take a look at upcoming local fun in our blog. Happy Fall, y'all!
For all those aspiring entrepreneurs, we want to be the first to tell you the importance of maintaining a balance. Learn some tips to help with the work/life balance in our latest blog. Best of luck!
Here at Southern Sun Consulting, our company's culture is the key to our success. We believe in creating an environment where our team can grow and develop. Interested in learning more about who we are? Check out our latest video on our YouTube channel!

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Our Company

Southern Sun Consulting is a dynamic, entrepreneurial-based firm in San Antonio, Texas that specializes in face-to-face customer acquisition for multi-national telecommunications clients. We work with qualified consumers on a face-to-face basis, bringing in quality sales for our elite clients. Being able to personalize each meeting with individual customers rather than trying to target an entire market at once has allowed Southern Sun Consulting to become one of the most sought-after direct marketing and sales firms in South Texas!

Our Services

☀️ B2C Marketing: Southern Sun Consulting sets itself apart by offering a personalized touch to our marketing techniques. We always meet with qualified consumers in-person!

☀️ Direct SalesA smile and a handshake go a long way in developing relationships. We work with multi-national corporations to bridge the gap between them and small consumers.

☀️ Customer ServiceOur team at Southern Sun Consulting is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service to each consumer. We are focused on a person's specific wants and needs.

☀️ Account AcquisitionSouthern Sun Consulting specializes in face-to-face customer acquisition, offering a 100% return on investment and new accounts generated on a daily basis.

☀️ Market Expansion: At the request of our clients, Southern Sun Consulting has the opportunity to continue growing locally while also expanding into new markets across the country!

☀️ Management Training: We first focus on having our team members learn how to manage their own time and customers, then add coaching, training and developing others to the mix!

Our Careers

With Southern Sun Consulting's one-of-a-kind Management Training Program, entry-level candidates are trained to perfection in the marketing and sales field. In around 12-18 months, the qualified candidates are prepped and ready to manage an independent office outside of San Antonio. Create a prosperous career with Southern Sun Consulting!

Opportunities Available:

💼 Marketing & Sales
💼 Management Trainee
💼 Human Resources
💼 Internships

Contact Us

📞 Phone Number: 210-858-6474

📧 Email: hr@southernsunconsulting.com

📍 Address: 3201 Cherry Ridge, Suite 302, San Antonio, TX 78230

💻 Website: https://southernsunconsulting.com

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