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South Inc

Nashville, TN Private Consulting Sales - Marketing Training < 100 employees


Welcome to South Inc, a leader in face to face marketing and sales consulting in Tennessee. South Inc is dedicated to helping its cellular communications client expand their consumer base and market share, both in the Middle Tennessee area and nationally. We have proven that a firm handshake, a great smile, and clear communication are the most effective tools in acquiring and retaining lifetime customers for our clients.

When compared to other marketing channels; billboards, TV commercials, radio advertisements, the benefits of our service to our clients is invaluable.  Face-to-face contact with business owners and consumers enables South Inc's sales representatives to cultivate a rapport with our client's customers. Through courteous, professional, and product-specific presentations by our sales representatives, we create a positive and lasting impression.

Best known for our firm's Management Training Program, our mission to our team is simple. We believe in starting individuals in an entry-level position and provide them ample training within the marketing and sales field. Upon mastery of these initial responsibilities, we then offer all team members opportunity to advance into leadership, Assistant Management and Executive Management positions, helping South Inc to expand to multiple locations outside of Tennessee. In representing the clientele that we do, our training process is thorough, extensive and allows for entrepreneurial minds to flourish.

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Motivation is a skill and one we are proud to say we have here at South Inc. Keeping our team members inspired and ready to tackle on the day is what we do best. Take a sneak peek at our typical morning routines and some of our favorite quotes that help get the job done. Follow us on Facebook for more on our daily tips and best quotes - @SouthIncTN.

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South Inc Careers

The career opportunities at South Inc are tremendous. To keep up with our expanding list of clients, we are looking for the best and brightest to join our marketing and sales firm.  Our philosophy at work is this: provide a warm, friendly and challenging team environment and make sure that our team members have constant recognition for their performance.  With career growth single highhandedly tied to work ethic and effort, South Inc provides our client with the most dedicated and professional marketing and sales team in the area.

Besides taking great pride in our client's brand, South Inc is also incredibly proud of our company's own Management Training Program. Participants in our Management Training Program are able to work directly with our multi-national client and receive 12-18 months of intensive business management and administrative training.  Upon completion of this Management Training Program, our graduate would know how to oversee a marketing campaign for a prestigious client, oversee teams in human resources, payroll, bookkeeping, and advertisement.

Culture at South Inc

What does the culture look like at South Inc?

• Fast-paced. Representing a multi-billion dollar client requires a certain standard of excellence and with aggressive growth projections nationally, we're always on our toes!

• Supportive, but competitive environment. Most of our team members come from sports-oriented backgrounds. Our team houses a professionally scouted baseball player, a collegiate swimmer and an impressive squad of Knockerball fans (look this up if you don't know this game!)

• Growth Focused! The personal and professional growth of our individual team members from entry level marketing and sales roles to leadership and executive position within the company is South Inc's biggest objective!

• Team oriented. South Inc participates in many events outside of the office together; for example, we organize weekly team nights where we spend time together socially, playing in sports leagues, or getting involved with philanthropic organizations.

• Philanthropic! We have created a company culture that recognizes the value of giving back to the local and international community. With involvement in philanthropies like Operation Smile, Soles for Souls, Feeding America, and Toys for Tots, our team is not only talented professionally but also generous personally!

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South Inc Contact Information

📞 615-428-2685

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🏢: 701 Murfreesboro Pike Suite 200 Nashville, TN 37210

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