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Created in 1863, Solvay is a global company driven by proud and committed chemists. With our historical anchorage in Europe, our products serve diversified markets worldwide, from consumer goods to energy, with one main aim – to improve quality of life and customer performance.

The drive to achieve our aim has resulted in 90 percent of our revenue being generated from businesses that are among the top three global leaders in their field.


More than designing solutions for our customers, we are inventing a new model of sustainable chemistry. At Solvay, you are a catalyst for change, inspired by fresh thinking and teamwork.

Whether you see yourself in research, marketing, or manufacturing, Solvay offers you a multinational environment in which to explore diverse career opportunities and a more sustainable future through chemistry.

Project and values

Solvay has been a driving force behind the Solar Impulse project for more than a decade. As Solar Impulse sets out to complete its Round the World Tour, we are pleased to continue our contribution to the vision behind this endeavour - scientific and technical progress through game-changing innovation. Solvay has contributed pioneering technologies that have dramatically improved the energy chain, enhanced the structure and reduced the weight of the solar-powered aircraft. “Lightweight & efficient by Solvay” - crucial elements that are helping to make this historic flight a success.

Founder and Chief Pilot Dr. Bertrand Piccard comes from a long line of adventurers who’ve collaborated with Solvay. He and Solar Impulse CEO André Borschberg chose to partner with the Group partly based of this historical bond, but primarily because Solvay is an excellent fit - in terms of both technological solutions and values. The beliefs promoted by Solar Impulse are the beliefs Solvay lives by: bold ideas, talent, clean technology and ground-breaking innovation can and must converge to overcome society’s toughest obstacles.

“Our partnership is based both on friendship and technology,” says Bertrand. “Solvay is not only inside our plane, they are inside our hearts.”

Solar Impulse is a rich adventure. It is a technological partnership that has helped us to validate and/or develop a wide range of products for more than 6,000 parts, for not only the plane itself but also for the broader market. An example is the Li-ion batteries for which our products have had a decisive impact. And the aircraft’s lightweight composite structure presents unique energy reduction opportunities for aerospace and automotive industries

“Mega trends initiated by resource constraints and an increased demand for sustainable products have been driving Solvay’s strategy for a long time. We delivered our best available technologies to make this ambitious dream come true,” notes Solvay CEO Jean-Pierre Clamadieu.