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Softworld Inc.

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About US

Like many organizations, we have taken a good look at who we are, where we have been and where we want to go. As we reflected on these key questions, we searched for a way to describe to you what it is that we are and what we want to be. Two things emerged:

First – we are the firm that offers our clients the ability to reflect upon where they will find their next great person. We are also the mirror that our candidates should look into to see themselves in their future career opportunities. For us, these statements must be true and we want you to judge us.

Second, we want all of you from clients to candidates to our working consultants and staff to judge us. Everyone in the staffing industry seems to say many of the same things. They say they have deep relationships with candidates and clients. They say they proactively work with candidates and clients on their needs. They say they incent an environment of excellence. And the list goes on and on. We do more than say these things, we live them every single day and we want to do more than simply say it to you. We want you to judge us. Judge our candidates. Judge our customer service. Judge how we work with our candidates careers.

Judge how we treat clients, consultants, candidates, partners and of course our internal staff. Judge us, and judge the rest.

The Mirror to Your Needs

Looking for the right career opportunity? Looking for the right person for your position? Clients and Candidates alike look in the mirror to see the career they want or the talented professional they need and both see that Softworld brings them together.

Compare and contrast. We hear from clients and consultants that the difference between us and other firms is not in what we say; rather it is in the fact that we mean it. We work with our clients and candidates proactively to understand their needs. We focus on putting the right people and the right positions together as opposed to wasting everyone’s time with the wrong candidates and positions.

We make sure that onboarding works for everyone involved. We go the extra mile at every step and provide the customer service that everyone should expect. None of this should be revolutionary, but it is because we do it every single day. Judge us! Hold us accountable.

Contact US

281 Winter Street, Suite 301
Waltham, MA 02451

If you would like to speak to me, I encourage you to give me a call at 781.373.8434 or email me at