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Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing 8 Active Jobs

A company’s success is directly related to the quality of talent it hires and talent acquisition is where it all begins. snipebridge was founded to address the growing challenges seen in the hiring industry. Over the years, very little had changed in the recruiting world where vendors continued to recruit with an old mindset offering zero innovation and delivering poor value.

We decided to take a holistic approach to recruiting and build a company that would go beyond assessing skills and experience. A game changing managed services model, investing in home-grown automation tools for high performance and a scientific assessment process for culture & personality fit have become the fundamental pillars of our business. Our result-driven recruiting solutions align with client's culture, values and business strategy and help them attract the right talent. We develop a comprehensive and scalable recruiting strategy that provides a competitive advantage to our customers in the talent market.

Career Opportunities

Our mantra is simple - Find exceptional people and connect them with organizations that would love to have them and vice a versa. Browse through the exciting open positions below with companies that are disrupting the market and looking to bring passionate and talented folks onboard.

If you don’t find a role that interests you, please submit your resume and join our talent pool. Our team at snipebridge will schedule a consultation with you right away to understand your career objectives, skills, experience, your preferred new job title and what you are looking for in your new employer. Once you are in our pool of qualified professionals, we begin connecting you with companies in locations you want to work in.