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SMI Solutions Inc.

Private Advertising Sales - Marketing

At SMI solutions we are a rebellious group of people that think outside the boxes and bring a grass roots from of business back to larges corporations by focusing our attention on how people feel and what people personally want. Crazy, right?

There is no better way to do this then by having a good old fashion conversation with some. Bringing face to face marketing and sales back in a big way. Business has always been done over a handshake and a warm smile. We pride our selves in making people come first.

Career Opportunities

Our objective as a team is to create and build independent strength for each individual that comes through our doors. We will accomplish this by focusing on the fundamental lessons for what it takes to become a self-made individual. We pride ourselves in being able to give each person the proper tools and mentality in life to become the best version of themselves.

We provide opportunities in

  • Business Management
  • Team Development/Leadership
  • Finance/Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Recruiting
  • Social Media Management


SMI Solutions is a progressive business filled with future business leaders and innovators that constantly adapt and change what the status quo is. We are a diverse group of people with background ranging from the military all the way to food and beverage industry and everything in between. The common thread is that we love people. Our team specializes in making people come first. It’s our duty to bring our best foot forward every day and give each individual the devotion they deserve.  Simply put, WE LOVE PEOPLE.