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Sims Metal Management

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Sims Group USA began its operations in 1988 through the acquisition of various scrap-related assets of LMC Corporation, one of the West Coast's largest scrap metal processors and exporters. LMC's 50-year history of operations in the US began as a salvage and machine company, adding products, services, and facilities throughout Northern California as the demand for recycled products grew throughout the 60's and 70's. Later, LMC added retail facilities to sell new and reusable metal and hardware products.

Today, we operate public recycling centers, scrap processing facilities and Mill Services in the United States. Locations in California also recycle consumer glass, plastic, and aluminum cans. As part of the worldwide Sims Group, the company maintains a network of equipment, facilities, transport, and communications that turn unwanted consumer items and industrial scrap into raw materials for manufacturing operations around the world.

We realize the importance of being a good neighbor. That's why, in each community where we are located, we make special efforts at reducing the noise and visual impact of our operations. Each Simsmetal facility participates in charitable organizations in its community. Through service groups, youth sports teams, hospital charities, and other events, Simsmetal is working to create a partnership with the people who live and work near our recycling centers. We think this kind of cooperation benefits us all.

Simsmetal actively supports the protection of the environment and the role the recycling industry plays in conserving natural resources. Every day, our products and our people have a measurable positive impact on the environment.

Sims Metal

Sims Group USA Corporation operates public Metals Recycling facilities throughout North America that turn unwanted metals into raw materials for manufacturing operations around the world.

Sims Group USA Corporation receives both Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metals at its Metal Recycling facilities.

The Ferrous metals are processed using shredders, shears and balers and are then sorted into internationally recognized grades. The final goods are shipped to steel mills in the United States by rail and also to customers overseas by ocean going vessels.

The Non Ferrous metals are processed and sorted into internationally recognized grades with the use of wire reclamation capabilities, balers and shears. The final goods are shipped to customers in the United States and abroad.

Sims Group USA Corporation is committed to operating with keen attention to safety and environmental concerns while at the same time focusing on increasing recycling rates and producing goods to the highest of standards.

Municipal Recycling

Four years ago, SIMS Group expanded into curbside recycling in the United States. The company has since become a cornerstone of New York City’s recycling system, processing and marketing the approximately 240,000 tons of plastic, glass and metal that New Yorkers put into recycling bins each year.

Materials are received from City collection vehicles at Sims Group facilities and then moved between facilities by barge to minimize truck traffic and air pollution within the City. The materials are sorted by commodity type, packaged and shipped to manufacturers as raw material for new products, once again.

As part of its long-term partnership with New York City, Sims Municipal Recycling has drawn up plans for the development of a new recycling facility located at the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in the Sunset Park section of Brooklyn. Relying primarily on barges for transportation, this state-of-the-art facility will use magnets to pull off steel, eddy currents to capture non-ferrous metals, and blowers, screens and optical sorters to separate paper, plastics and glass. The project will bring more than 100 permanent “green collar” jobs to the Sunset Park area. The facility will also include an education center to teach children about their role in the recycling process, and to highlight the role of New York City’s recycling program in a sustainable future.

Recycling rates nationwide have more than doubled in the last 15 years to 31%, due to the efforts of companies like Sims, increased global demand for commodities, and ever growing public awareness of environmental issues.

In Europe, where Sims operates numerous recycling facilities, recycling programs are even more ambitious than in the United States, and the recovery rate is closer to sixty percent.

Moving forward, Sims Municipal Recycling will make use of its resources and build on its experience to bring efficient and effective curbside recycling services to other municipalities across the US.


Sims Global Trade markets materials from various company owned scrap processing locations in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Additionally, Sims buys materials from independently owned suppliers and producers in the United Kingdom, Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean. These materials include: Ferrous Scrap Pig Iron Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI) Semi-Finished Steel Ferro Alloys Billets & Slabs Bulk and Containerized Cargo Re-Rollable products With our large network of company owned and affiliated sources, SIMS Global Trade can provide a consistent source of materials for your needs. GLOBAL REACH & SOURCING Sims Global Trade utilizes company sales offices in all major ferrous importing regions. We buy pig iron from producers in Brazil, China, India; HBI from Venezuela; Scrap, bulk and containerized cargo from every major FE port. Major importing countries we serve include Australia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and the USA to name just a few. We have the global reach that literally spans the world. Our in-house, professional staff of corporate traffic, finance and contract administrators has the knowledge and experience to ensure that your mills will be supplied, containers filled, and your cargo will reach its intended destination quickly and efficiently. Sims Global Trade maintains relationships with industry organizations, such as: Institute Scrap Recycling Industries Bureau of International Recycling British Metals Recycling Association