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SilverFirst Inc

New Orleans, LA Private Sales - Marketing Consulting Telecommunications < 100 employees

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If you're looking for an in-depth look at our team and our adventures, then it's time that you followed us, the SilverFirst Inc team, on YouTube! This is where we share videos of promotions, our travels, and all of our business's BIG updates. Check it out now!
If you keep up with the SilverFirst Inc on one or all of our social platforms, we have one more to add to your list - our google business website. For the latest news, reviews, and team pics, visit our newest site - silverfirstinc.business.site.
We're officially back from our first conference of 2020, and we're feeling inspired to make this our best year yet. Not only did we come back as award winners, but we learned valuable lessons to ensure our success throughout the year. Take a look at our recap video and stay tuned for more travel updates!
What a year! We could not have asked for a better year! From new travel destinations to great team night fun, there were plenty of memories we created here at SilverFirst Inc. Relive the best moments with us in our recap video.
Reviews are a great way to share your thoughts about a company and their exceptional service. With a few years under our belt, we're happy to say our reviews keeping getting better and better. Read what our team had to share about their time with us in this testimonial recap video.

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About SilverFirst Inc

SilverFirst Inc is a sales and marketing firm committed to exceeding client expectations and offering life-changing opportunities to our team. We do this by employing relationship-based sales techniques that help personalize our telecommunication client's name and expands their market reach. We hire and train a marketing/sales team that is focused mostly on finding the right products for customers versus customers for our products.

Developing leaders in today’s world that will make an impact on the community and in business drives our firm. We believe our mission is to give them the tools to be more and do more and their job is to incorporate these tools in their life. Our philosophy at SilverFirst Inc is rooted in the belief that every person has the ability to take control of their destiny regardless of their past circumstances. As Jordan Belfort said, "No matter what happened to you in your past, you are not your past, you are the resources and the capabilities you glean from it. And that is the basis for all change."

OUR MOTTO: ❝ Everything old is new again. 

Our Services

What does SilverFirst Inc do?

📌 New Account Acquisition:
For our clients, this is obviously most important. We consistently meet and exceed client sales targets focusing on acquiring what we describe as “sticky” customers or customers that will stay with our clients long term.

📌 Customer Satisfaction:
We are obsessed with providing a service unmatched by anyone else - service that leaves customers feeling better having spoken with us and thrilled when they buy.

📌 Sales Training:

We teach communication, body language, product knowledge, and how to incorporate all of that into becoming a great communicator.

📌 Management Development:
More advanced training involves strategic and situational leadership, time management, and managing client relations.

Careers at SilverFirst Inc

SilverFirst Inc is a master in teaching sales techniques and marketing strategies. All individuals within our firm start in an entry-level position, and we empower our own team to train the newer team members on how to communicate effectively with customers and clients.

Why does SilverFirst Inc do this? It's not because our management team is lazy (quite the opposite actually!). Knowing a skill is great, but when you are required to teach someone else how to master a skill, that's when you really find out how much you know and how skilled you are at a task. Teaching someone who knows nothing is a lot harder than going through everyday motions. Furthermore, this develops a system and lays a great foundation for team bonding. More experienced representatives at SilverFirst Inc feel pride when their trainees do well and trainees feel comfortable asking questions.

Career Opportunities Available:

💼 Sales & Marketing Representative
💼Customer Account Manager
💼 HR Administrator
💼 Recruiting Specialist

Contact Information

📞 Phone Number: 504-702-8297

📧 Email: hr@silverfirstinc.com

📍 Address: 8117 Oak St New Orleans, LA 70118

💻 Website: http://silverfirstinc.com

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