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SI Engineering, P.C.

Private Construction

Over the past decade, SI Engineering, P.C. (SIE) has built a strong reputation in delivering a wide range of projects for our clients in the public and private sectors. Our diverse staff of talented engineers, inspectors, and technical and construction professionals have brought their expertise to local community improvement projects to large high profile mega million dollar infrastructure projects. As a certified D/M/WBE firm, SIE provides services in civil, structural & transportation engineering, construction management & inspection, bridge design & inspection, building & facility inspection, and lighting design. We are dedicated towards providing consistent high-quality and innovative services with utmost professionalism, and helping our clients complete their projects in a timely, safe and cost-efficient manner.

At SIE, we use the latest technology and software to maximize our contribution to our projects and clients. Our staff undergo regular technical and managerial training to continue being responsive and fully capable of proactively solving complex design and construction challenges. The firm’s principals and senior management continue to remain involved to ensure that each project is given the attention, time and resources it needs for successful completion and to surpass all clients’ expectations.

Career Opportunities

Established in 2003, SI Engineering, P.C. is a fast growing engineering, design and construction management firm supported by our talented employees who are involved in a variety of projects in New York City/State and New Jersey. We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes professional growth and enrichment of all our employees. SI Engineering has a diverse employee base, made up of individuals with varying specialties, skills and experience, as well as sharing a common goal – performance excellence. We continuously recruit, train and retain the most talented, qualified and motivated personnel who continue to accomplish great results, while contributing immensely to the success of the firm, projects and our clients.

We invite you to explore opportunities and grow with us.