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Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center

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Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) is a leading provider of medication-assisted treatment for individuals aged 18 and older who are battling an addiction to opioids. Our staff of nurses, physicians, and counselors assists patients in developing a customized plan of treatment that encompasses their unique treatment requirements and goals.

Treatment planning at Shelbyville CTC is multifaceted and comprehensive. In addition to the wide range of therapeutic interventions offered to all patients, the following medications are also available for patients to incorporate into their treatment plans on an as-needed basis:

Methadone: As an opioid agonist, methadone is prescribed to eliminate cravings for continued opioid use while providing relief from the physical symptoms associated with withdrawal. Use of this medication allows patients to actively play a role in their recovery as methadone will not cause cognitive impairments or delays.

Subutex: Using buprenorphine as its active ingredient, Subutex is a partial opioid agonist-antagonist that works by blocking the effects that opioids have within the brain. Patients who are prescribed this medication will notice a decrease in cravings for continued opioid use while eliminating the physical discomforts of withdrawal.

Suboxone: Suboxone utilizes a combination of naloxone and buprenorphine, which provides relief from withdrawal symptoms while diminishing cravings for additional opioid use. Unlike other medications available in treatment, Suboxone will cause patients to experience symptoms of withdrawal should they attempt to abuse opioids throughout the course of treatment.

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Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center
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Shelbyville, KY 40065

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Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center KY - Shelbyville
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Shelbyville Comprehensive Treatment Center KY - Shelbyville
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