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Private Advertising Sales - Marketing Telecommunications 2383 Active Jobs

Established in 2011, SENTEXT has grown to become a leading direct sales mobile marketing organization in the US. We send out over 9 million text messages per month to 4 million opt-in subscribers. We partner with over 15,000 US businesses and organizations. Our Mobile Marketing consultants guide our Marketing Partners to make  instant mobile connections with their audience that generates the results they're looking for.

Our clients, whom we call Marketing Partners need our service to reach their audience instantly with SMS Text Messages for Marketing, Alerts, and more. Having a local, Certified MMC to work with and support them is an integral part of our company growth. 

If you enjoy working with businesses to help them grow, have a passion for sales and marketing and are an avid early adopter this could be a great fit for you. Uncapped compensation and lifetime vested residual income.

🙂Please only apply to SenText 1 time per Market Area. Otherwise this will result in duplicate applications


Here are some benefits for our Marketing Partners:

100% SPAM FREE, this is a permission based opt in service.

99% of Texts are read according to FORBES.

Texts are seen, minutes within being sent from your custom dashboard.

Full Spectrum
Any media can generate subscribers. We will give you the top 5 ways.

Save Energy & Time
It is so easy to send messages! Send links, pics, videos, social media and more!

Market Area
Doesn’t matter, as all customers have smartphones - and they text!

Use one - or unlimited - keywords to segment your audience lists.

Text Overrides WiFi
Chances your message is seen is guaranteed anywhere there is a phone signal.

Contact Us

When you apply you will receive a contact form for your potential National Sales Manager, along with more info in your email immediately.  Read all info and  fill out the form to be considered. You can also call or text the NSM if you are an eager beaver!

We have limited spaces open in each market. We also provide online training  and certification.

You will have ample support as well as you grow with us. 

🙂Please Only Apply to SenText 1 Time Per Market Area, otherwise this will result in duplicate applications.