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Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation

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SQLC: Raising Expectations about

Retirement Community Living

Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation communities aren’t built on boilerplate plans from distant ivory towers. They’re homegrown concepts in better senior living, with a vision of active living and peace of mind for residents and their families. Locally developed, not-for-profit, with a strong board of directors and experienced partners, SQLC communities are the future of retirement living.

Our Vision

Creating exceptional senior living experiences.

After years of service, we provide seniors with one prestigious address for personal fulfillment and carefree living. The core of our vision is Life Care—exceptional health care for life—that strengthens every facet of your well being.

Our Mission

Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation, a nonprofit organization, enriches lives, provides compassionate care and ensures financial security for all we serve.

We consider your family, our family. We want to make them as comfortable with your choice as you are—especially your financial decision.


SQLC Careers: We Hire the Best to Stand for the Best.

Jobs at SQLC can become careers
for life.

Every SQLC employee is an ambassador from our company to our residents, their families and their community. From hospitality to skilled nursing, each SQLC position has one key requirement: Find the candidate with the best qualifications, the most positive attitude and a true sense of service to others. Naturally, we reward our employees with compensation and benefits to match. Above all, our people take inspiration from working with leaders and colleagues who strive to be the best every day.

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