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Segrera Associates was built on the premise that partnering with clients yields the best results. Smart recruitment is all about outcomes: how we can help your business drive cost savings and productivity and plan your resources and talent across the organization.

The strength of your team determines your business success. That’s why our strategic hiring and selection process identifies the candidates who can step in and immediately deliver results. We invest the time to understand your business environment so that every candidate fits your company culture. Our professional recruiters have expertise in the areas they recruit, allowing them to source more intelligently and screen more carefully. We earn the trust and respect of our candidates by developing career-long relationships with them.

Expert recruiters, specialists in the industry: it’s a winning combination that sets Segrera Associates apart and delivers superior results.


We’ve built a strong culture that rewards recruiters who use their knowledge and experience for the benefit of our clients. Your background in the fields we serve will provide you unique insight as you creatively source the right candidates for our clients’ essential positions and special projects.

Just as important as your experience are your personal qualities. We are committed to a diverse workplace and empower our people to explore and achieve in their own style. We do not compromise on honesty or integrity. We are committed to hiring people who build strong relationships and work with a patient sense of urgency for our clients’ best interests.

Successful Segrera Associates recruiters are dynamic, engaged people who communicate thoughtfully and have the confidence of true business partners. They work hand-in-hand with our clients, developing an understanding of their business environment and workplace culture in order to anticipate their needs.

At Segrera Associates, we work hard and we give back to our community. If you would like to transition your industry expertise to a services career in an entrepreneurial setting, or to continue your recruiting career in an environment that supports your development and rewards you for going the extra mile, we’d like to hear from you.

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