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Sedona AG Services


We Know People: With over 14 years of experience in talent management for the agricultural industry, Sedona AG understands the variety of career paths available to you, as well as qualifications needed. This gives us the unique ability to analyze your skills, listen to your goals, and offer input on the right solution for you. We look for professional self-starters who are leaders in their industry segment, and are interested in accelerating their careers.

We Know Companies: Whether you are looking to work with a fortune 500 company or a small family owned business, Sedona AG can be the missing link between you and your ideal employer. The companies and products we represent range in size and scale, but every partnership is built on a foundation of collaboration and common goals for the future of agriculture. With our successful track record in talent management, companies recognize Sedona AG as the provider of the industry’s top professionals.


Cultivating Successful Careers