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Scantron headquarters are located in Eagan, Minnesota. In total, Scantron has more than 1,100 employees located across six U.S. facilities. Scantron also has a world presence through more than 100 distributors in 70 countries. Today, 15 Ministries of Education throughout the world use Scantron scanning solutions for their national assessment programs. Scantron is a subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which is wholly owned by M & F Worldwide Corp.

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You’ll receive excellent compensation, benefits and wellness programs. We know that, in order to attract and retain the top people, we have to compensate them accordingly. In addition to competitive compensation, Scantron offers a generous benefits package that includes health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life and disability insurance, sick time, paid holidays, vacation time, and a 401(k) plan with an attractive employer-matched contribution, all in a business casual environment.

Our Recruiting Vision

Scantron is always looking for bright and talented people to join our team. Having been named one of the best workplaces in America, Scantron has made sure that its employees get "The best of the best".


Scantron embraces diversity. Scantron not only stands by this statement, we put it into action. We have created a workplace in which people of all cultures and backgrounds have a chance to succeed. Scantron empowers our employees to create a respectful work environment by holding diversity training workshops for all Scantron employees. This training teaches us to recognize why diversity is important to everyone in the organization, how personal attitudes and behaviors influence interactions with others, the impacts of biases, and how to become a “Diversity Change Agent” in the workforce.


You'll enjoy our "open-door" management. At Scantron, our executives believe in “open door” management. That means that we openly and frequently discuss our financial status and the direction in which the company intends to grow………with everyone on the team. Keeping the lines of communication open this way means that we all do a better job, because we understand what it means to the company, and to each of us.


Scantron delivers a product that impacts the quality of life for our children. Few companies deliver the services and products that we do; and even fewer deliver the high level of service that we deliver every day. Scantron helps educators meet No Child Left Behind requirements and raise the level of student achievement through a unique combination of standards-based formative assessment and computer adaptive diagnostic testing.

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