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Rieke Packaging Systems

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Rieke Packaging Systems is committed to being an innovative, world class manufacturer of closures and dispensing systems for the global market.

Our reputation for novel design and creativity is reflected in the development of an extensive portfolio of revolutionary products over the company’s history including: drum closures, pail and can closures, pump dispensers and innovative dispensing systems.

Serving a huge range of markets - from pharmaceutical and personal care to paints, solvents, oils and lubricants, Rieke Packaging Systems supplies both boutique manufacturers and the world’s top brands with drum closures, pump dispensers and custom packaging solutions.

Our extensive catalogue range is complemented by a bespoke design service that enables us to tailor a packaging solution to precise customer requirements. By continually listening to our customers through an ongoing customer satisfaction program, Rieke ensures that we meet customer needs now and in the future.


The origins of Rieke Packaging Systems date back to 1921, when Theodore W. Rieke revolutionised the steel drum industry by creating the flange closure which could be inserted without brazing, required no fusing of metals, was easily replaced, and prevented excessive scrap.

This was the first in a continuing line of technical breakthroughs, major innovations and groundbreaking developments that have characterised the growth and diversification of the company over the years.

Today, as part of the multinational TriMas Corporation, our founder’s spirit of entrepreneurialism remains very much a driving force within our business, as we continually seek to develop new and innovative packaging solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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