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Ridgecrest Regional Hospital

Public Healthcare - Health Services

At the heart of RRH healthcare is the balance of two qualities: Clinical excellence and the sense of belonging. Technology and integrity, professional expertise and thoughtful understanding, these qualities combine to make our gift to you. The confidence that we give you is the same expert care and consideration that we would give to our own family members.

The staff at RRH considers it a privilege to serve the people of the Southern Sierra Region. We hope that, whether you are an outpatient or an inpatient, you will experience our goal of providing you with the highest quality healthcare in a warm and compassionate environment.


The RRH motto is: "Personally We Care, Professionally We Serve." This impacts not only our patients, but every aspect of the Hospital and Staff. The entire RRH team values teamwork and a strong work ethic. We encourage our employees to better themselves and their careers. We possess a valuable patient-centered atmosphere, and are adamant about preserving it.

If you are seeking to be part of a health care team which is committed to delivering high quality patient-centered care, we invite you to pursue employment opportunities with us.


Emergency Services is designed for treatment of acute medical and surgical emergencies and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by emergency medicine physicians and nurses.

Emergency Services patients have prioritized care depending on the severity of their symptoms. A triage nurse determines the acuteness of the patient’s problem and coordinates the order for treatment, providing immediate care to critically ill or injured patients and efficient care to those less seriously ill.