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RHiiNO Corp

Private Sales - Marketing Advertising Office Supplies - Equipment < 100 Employees Headquartered in Tampa, FL

RHiiNO Corp is not your average marketing firm. We’re a privately-owned marketing firm based in Tampa, Florida. Our clients are the household brands you see and use in your day to day life. These are typically large service-based companies who are looking to increase sales volume by way of customer acquisition and retention. We are the trusted partner that big businesses turn to. We provide the enthusiastic and professional team to serve as the faces of their respective brands. The result? A high return on investment for our clients, growth opportunities for our team members, and the thriving business that is RHiiNO Corp

Our relationship-based approach to business makes RHiiNO Corp a different beast, pun intended! We spend the time with our clients’ valued customers in order to understand the pain points in their businesses. A firm handshake, natural conversation, and eye contact are just three of the ways that we’re able to do this. All of our campaigns are fully customizable to any product line or market, giving our clients tremendous flexibility. With a team of brand ambassadors that’s laser focused on providing long-lasting solutions, it’s no wonder that RHiiNO Corp is turning heads!

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