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Resilience Inc

Private Employment - Recruiting - Staffing


Resilience Inc was founded in the heart of St Louis and has quickly become a dominant force in the consulting industry. Primarily focusing on face to face client acquisitions has given us advantage over our competitors, simply because it's difficult to replace a smile and a handshake. We've found that many consumers still appreciate the old-fashioned way of communicating with them - one on one rather than including them in an email with thousands of other prospects! We specialize in managing and acquiring small consumer accounts for Fortune 500 companies.

Integrity and quality are two of the most important factors to our clients, so it goes without saying that Resilience Inc expects nothing less from our team! The culture of our company is second to none when it comes to balancing professionalism with FUN! "Work hard, play hard"​ is more than just a saying around here. Our team is comprised of motivated, young professionals seeking a great opportunity while working with peers who are goal driven and looking to determine their own success.

This is an exciting time for Resilience Inc as we are one of the fastest up and coming consulting firms in the St. Louis area. We have a unique and competitive structure that allows growth from within based off of merit rather than seniority! We don't believe that years of experience makes someone more qualified than recent / upcoming college graduates. Work ethic, student mentality, and a true passion for helping others are a few of the top qualities we look for when expanding our team. And when everyone comes together to achieve goals - both personally and professionally - success happens. These are the things that make us resilient. This is why we are Resilience Inc.

Career Opportunities

We don’t place people into jobs here at Resilience Inc; we offer them long-term career opportunities; opportunities to grow and develop internally based on variables like performance, attitude, and reliability vs. tenure and seniority. A career at Resilience Inc is meant to be challenging and invigorating. We don’t promise a normal 9-5 because that’s not what we have to offer. We offer a structured path into marketing & sales management in the time most are still in an entry level role at a major corporation. 12-18 months in our company is like a compressed Master’s program: a classroom where minds are shaped into leaders and seasoned marketing/sales professionals.


Our mission at Resilience Inc is to build a business committed to entrepreneurship in every way. To our clients, we look to exceed their expectations in every fashion; going far beyond the responsibilities of a contractor. Working longer, harder, and smarter because this isn’t just a ‘job’ to us. To our team, we look to shape their already existing entrepreneurial spirit, bringing growth opportunities and financial freedom to those who are enthusiastic, driven, and deliver results. By promoting synergy in our office, we leverage our joint skill sets to set ourselves apart from the competition.